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How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games currently as it lets players explore 3D effects, discovering and extracting raw materials, tools and structures depending on the game mode they are playing. It also packs various exciting features like wars and taking revenge etc.

Whenever a Zombie hits the villager, they turn into”Zombie Villager.”

Here is how to cure your “Zombie Villagers” so that they return to their previous form.

How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Using Golden Apple

You can use Golden Apple to cure the villagers attacked by Zombies. It can be found in the chests across the Minecraft. You may also craft it for the Zombie Villagers.

Follow these steps if you wish to cure “Zombie Villagers”:

Gathering bottles of your dragon’s breath

It’s the brewing liquid used for the brewing procedures of particular lingering potions. It can be collected in a glass bottle.

Combining “Splash Potion” 

You may add any of the dragon’s breath by merging all of them into the brewing stand to the particular splash.

Tipped Point of their Weakness

This method is very useful in case you don’t have the gunpowder or want to complete the mission by a distance.

Making “Cauldron”

You can use seven iron gold coverings for creating the cauldron if you do not have “cauldron.”

Filling Cauldron

You can also put or drop potions in the particular cauldron by hitting the use tab.

Creating Few Arrows

The arrows play a significant role and are very simple to organize. It is quite helpful in the “Minecraft.”You can also use “feathers,” “Flint,” and “Sticks.”

Soaking Arrows in the “Cauldron”

You may use the arrows to rinse your cauldron to coat them with “potion of weakness.”

Healing Zombie Villagers through New Supplies

Searching the “Zombie Villager”

You have to go on search of the zombie villager, especially during the night, as there is a chance of one in twenty of them spawning.

Attracting the Zombie Villager in a Safe Place

The Iron golems will still be able to view the particular Zombie Villager in a hostile mode. The mobs called hostile will hit you.

Catching Zombie Villager 

The iron bars exceed the progress of Zombie Villagers. Once they appear, you must intend to trap them. You can do so in the Minecraft adventure field.

Curing the “Zombie Villager” through the “Golden Apple”

Once the villagers are too weak, then you can feed them the Golden Apple. It will fill them with energy.

Waiting and Viewing

Now, you have to wait for some time so that the Zombie Villagers will turn to their name mode.

In this way, you have to increase the population of your Villagers by transforming them from zombies to villagers.

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