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How to Adjust your AutoPlay Settings in Windows 10

Autoplay enables the media or other files and documents to launch quickly.

If you connect any of the removable media files to your PC, then Windows 10 will detect the drive you have connected, and then the Autoplay tool will activate. Then it launches the file through its default functionality. It launches your drive’s file or folder with the File Explorer. It also manages your storage and images folder.

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In case you wish to modify your default existing settings in order to manage the Autoplay feature, then you may do so. You can adjust this feature through the Control Panel or the Settings application.

Follow these steps to modify your Autoplay settings through the Settings Applications

Activating or Deactivating AutoPlay

If you wish to activate or deactivate removable media like Flash Drive or your memory chip or other various devices from opening itself on Windows 10, then follow these instructions here:

  1. First of all, tap “Settings.”
  2. Then, hit the “Devices” option there.
  3. Now, tap the option which reads “AutoPlay.”
  4. Next, turn the switch dedicated for On or Off as you want. It reads, “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.”

After finishing these steps, your selected option will get affected according to your command.

Managing New AutoPlay Existing Default Actions

In case you intend to connect your memory chip or USB drive, then follow these instructions given below:

  1. First of all, launch “Settings.”
  2. Then, you have to hit the option which reads “AutoPlay.”
  3. After that, go to the “Choose AutoPlay defaults” panel.
  4. Then choose any of the new default actions available on your screen. It can be accessed from the pull-down menu of “Removable drive.”

Note: In case you are connecting your memory chip, then you have to choose your option from the Memory card pull-drop list.

Now, if you use any of the removable drives and connect to your PC, it will work automatically as per your new configuration.

Modifying AutoPlay Settings through Control Panel 

Abide by these instructions if you wish to activate or deactivate your Autoplay from opening automatically on your Windows 10:

  1. Firstly, tap the “Control Panel” to launch.
  2. After that, hit the “Hardware and Sound” option there.
  3. Then tap on ” AutoPlay.”
  4. If you wish to activate the AutoPlay feature on Windows 10, then mark the option “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.”
  5. Then Unmark the option checkbox if you wish to deactivate the AutoPlay feature.

Setting Up your Default Existing AutoPlay Actions

  1. First of all, launch the “Control Panel” on your system.
  2. Then, tap on the “Hardware and Sound” option there.
  3. Next, hit the “AutoPlay” tab.
  4. Now, navigate to the removable drive pull-down list located inside the specific section that reads “Removable drive.”
  5. Then choose the new default action options. The pull drop box will be inside the section titled “Removable drives.”
  6. Next, you have to mark the box, that says, “choose what to do with each type of media.” In fact, it’s an optional step.
  7. Then, go to the existing pull drop menu options and then hit the appropriate option for every media type located there.
  8. After that, navigate to “Camera Storage” and then hit the Memory card pull-down menu to expand.
  9. Then choose the new automatic action that you are inserting your memory chip into your system. It is also an optional step.
  10. After that, go to the “Software” section and then hit the games and software option. Then tap your action termed as default while linking a particular media files with your installation files.
  11. Finally, tap on the “Save” tab to save your changes.

Once you finish these steps, then try to connect any of the external drives, i.e., Flash Drive. Now, the AutoPlay feature will work according to the settings that you have made.

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