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Microsoft xCloud Launch in 2020 with PC streaming and PS4 Controllers

As the gamers community is increasing day by day, the gaming world surprises us every day as it retains a reputation of always trending. Microsoft brought the gaming experience to the next level after releasing the Xbox. Every gamer out there owns one or dreams of owning one someday. To fulfill the demand of dreamers, Microsoft is planning to launch its gaming service known as xCloud. The head of Microsoft gaming says that the launch will take place in 2020, although they haven’t discussed the price and the official date. The company also stated that they would bring the xCloud service to Windows 10 PCs; this is excellent news for the Windows 10 user’s now they can do online game streaming on their PCs.

Microsoft xCloud Launch in 2020 with PC streaming and PS4 Controllers

In an interview, Microsoft officials have also said that they are working on developing mouse and keyboard that supports the Xbox game during the streaming. Although it is hard job to do as many Xbox game doesn’t support keyboard and mouse, but the head of cloud gaming Mr. Kareem Choudhry says that there will be more types of content included in the year 2020. So the news is correct, but still, we don’t know what features and content Microsoft will introduce to us in the year 2020, but Mr. Choudhary hints give us some idea about the future.

The absence of the iPad and iPhone from this xCloud launch report is quite shocking, so the interviewer asked questions regarding this. Microsoft revert it by saying that they would love to launch this service on iOS, and they are working with Apple, and in due course, it will. Although Apple has already declined the offer of the Valve game streaming app, the rules of the app store had closed many deals before. So, in this case, let’s see in the year 2020 if the agreement between Apple and Microsoft signing will take place or not.

Apart from Apple issues, Microsoft is also planning to include the support of Sony’s DualShock 4 controllers, gamepads, and other Bluetooth controllers from Razer in xCloud. This will be excellent news for the PS4 controller users who want to play games like “Forza” and “Halo” through xCloud. The testing process will begin soon, and a preview will be available in India, Canada, Japan, and in some western European countries. Still, the official date is not confirmed, but it seems that Microsoft is expanding towards Asia and especially in India. As everybody knows that India is a huge market, and this step of Microsoft is a significant one.

 As to run in the competition, Microsoft is talking more about xCloud this week. After the news of Google streaming service Stadia made them think to talk about the xCloud. Most of us believe that their process is slow in comparison to Google, but how can we forget the Microsoft history of introducing several enigmatic programs. It is always important to get the best rather than getting it fast with flaws.

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