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How to Defeat Pokémon Go’s New Legendary Raid Boss?

Pokémon Go has introduced the latest legendary raid boss starting from November 2019; Cobalion, “the first and the leader of the Swords of Justice. He is a Steel-type fighting Pokémon that the gamers can challenge for more than two weeks. Notably, it is weak against ground and fire types. Several Pokémon are unable to win against him right now. So, here is your walkthrough for forming the perfect team to defeat Pokémon Go’s new raid boss.

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Who is the Cobalion of the Swords of Justice?

Cobalion is part of a set like most legendary Pokémon, and this set is called the Swords of the Justice. Similar to the Three Musketeers, Cobalion is the leader of the group who represents Athos, the first. Other ones are Terrakion representing Porthos, Virizion representing Aramis, and a young new member of the group Keldeo representing d’Artagnan.

 In this group, Terrakion is the most reliable member of the rock fighting style. In contrast, Keldeo is not a Legendary Pokémon like others; it is a mythical water fighting type Pokémon with two forms. Moreover, Cobalion stats are not particularly impressive. For the sake of completion, gamers need not miss out on the chance to add one as it will be much more useful in the future.

What are the best counters?

There are three Pokémon with the ground, fighting and fire-type moves that stand above the crowd to win a victory over Cobalion. Those are:


The final evolution of the Litwick is the latest best counter for Cobalion when the weather is cloudy. While most of the gamers do not even have Chandelure yet, in case you or your teammate is holding one, then Overheat and fire spin are the preferred moves. But in the clear skies, Chandelure doesn’t perform well as compared to cloudy weather. However, players may still desire to bring it along as Cobalion is not particularly strong enough.


Under the clear skies, Machamp does the majority of damage as compared to other Pokémon. Most importantly, many players already have at least one Machamp. So, it will be quite convenient to fight against Cobalion using Rock-type moves like Stone Edge and Dynamic punch.


Blaziken can take Cobalion no matter what type of weather is using fast move i.e., Fire spin and Overheat for the charged move. So, there is no need to worry about fighting against Cobalion when you have Blaziken.

Back up Pokémon

Players might not have a proper team read for the fight. In that situation, here are some Pokémon to make a solid counter against Cobalion and attain victory effortlessly. Those are:

  • Breloom with Dynamic punch and counter.
  • Excadrill with drill run and mud slap.
  • Moltres with overheat and fire spin.
  • Groudon with earthquake and mud shot.
  • Hariyama with dynamic punch and counter
  • Heatran with Fireblast and fire spin.
  • Flareon with overheat and fire spin.
  • Charizard with blast burn and fire spin.
  • Entei with overheat and fire fang.

Fortunately, Cobalion is not strong enough in Pokémon Go. Only two players with 40 levels with better counters in favorable weather can take on Cobalion. So, add the legendary Pokémon to your Pokédex by capturing the raid boss.



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