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Samsung Unveils New Foldable Phone Design

Samsung revealed a lot regarding its future at the Samsung Developer Conference. Amongst the various announcements, the most prominent one was revealed in the form of a video showcasing a brand-new clamshell foldable smartphone design. The Galaxy fold changes from a flip phone, which opens vertically to one which expands horizontally.

Samsung Unveils New Foldable Phone Design

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is rumored to have a clamshell form factor. However, from the video, it seems clear that it is a nearly vertical phone which closes on itself.

Apart from the clamshell form factor, a lot of other things were discussed at the conference. With the rolling out of Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company created a pioneer experience that is way better than a foldable smartphone. The company, with the help of developers and partners, built a complete foldable ecosystem that continues to grow and unlocks new opportunities. As promised at SDC last year, Samsung will continue to explore a range of new form factors in the foldable category.

Foldable Flip Phone Design

In the aftermath of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it is quite surprising to see a foldable phone in the market. However, the few hurdles on the way have not deterred Samsung.

At the conference, the company repeated its dedication towards creating foldable phones. Samsung puts emphasis on the fact that it will be continuing to explore a number of new form factors.

Even though this may mean that Samsung will be rolling out foldable tabs in due time, the video showed the version that had a smaller device such as Moto’s Razr 4.

One UI 2

A year ago, Samsung rolled out One UI for its phones. Users saw a huge transformation in how the software of the phone looked and felt. Since smartphones are becoming bigger and bigger, the company has attempted to make single-handed usage more convenient with One UI.

Users have given a positive response when using the minimalistic new user interface on Samsung handhelds such as Galaxy Note. With the second version of One UI, the company seeks to add this clean and comfortable interface to tabs, wearables, and folding devices.


Bixby Marketplace was rolled out in 2019. In the past few months, the team of devs working on Bixby has doubled. The company is also striving to make it more convenient for devs to work on it.

The company is improving the Bixby Developer Studio by getting brand-new Bixby templates, updating Bixby Views, and adding Natural Language capsules. Developers used the brand-new Bixby templates for efficiently and effectively creating basketball schedule capsules.


Samsung SmartThings allows users to easily control, monitor, and safeguard their homes from anywhere across the globe. It is the heart of the user’s smart home and the backbone of Samsung’s IoT. SamrtThings Hub connects to smart locks, thermostats, bulbs, and a lot more, and these devices can be controlled remotely.

Samsung is working on the development of various features, such as Vision, Air, and Energy. Vision focuses on privacy, Air focuses on health, and Energy focuses on safety. As reported by the company, over 45 million people use SmartThings actively.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold at the 2019 Mobile World Congress. It is speculated that Samsung will be following the tradition and will make an announcement regarding the upcoming foldable smartphone in the 2020 Barcelona Mobile World Congress. The company has not yet revealed any launch details concerning the forthcoming smartphone. Apart from this, the company might also be working on a more affordable variant of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.



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