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How to Forward the Message in WeChat

You can send a voice message on any of the chatting platforms which also includes WeChat. Most of the platforms permit you to forward the received messages. Do you want to do this on your WeChat application? Then follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

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Steps for sending the messages through WeChat

·      Open the WeChat application.

·      This application will be installed on your iPhone and Android phone.

·      After that, go to the Contacts column.

·      The contacts symbol is given in the end part of the display.

·      Find the menu list of the contacts.

·      Press on the one to which you wish to share the message, select the Message button.

·      After opening the conversation menu, press on the Sound Waves symbol.

·      It is given in the end left-hand side of the screen.

·      Now, the keyboard symbol shall be converted to the Sound Waves symbol and Hold to Talk option will show near to it.

·      Keep pressing on the option for recording the voice message.

·      Speak out the message.

·      Do not release the button until you have spoken the entire message.

·      Release with the finger from which you are pressing on the record option.

·      Now, the messages will get removed from the screen.

·      You can also listen to the sent message in case you wish to.

·      Press on the bubble symbol.

·      It is located on the chat menu.

·      You can listen to it through WeChat.

Steps for Sharing Voice Messages on your Android

·      Open the File Manager on your phone.

·      Search for the Tencent folder.

·      Press on the Tencent folder.

·      The location of the folder depends on the Android phone.

·      You will get it on the system storage part.

·      Otherwise, on the SD card.

·      After opening it, press on the MicroMsg folder.

·      Press on the folder which has the longest name.

·      This longest name includes the numbers and letters.

·      In case you wish to send all the received voice messages, press on the voice2 folder.

·      Keep pressing on it till you will get the context menu on the screen.

·      In case you wish to send a particular text, then type the folder.

·      Go to the b4 folder on the Android phone.

·      Search the voice message.

·      Keep pressing on it till you will get the menu on the screen.

·      After that, press on the Share symbol.

·      Select the provided sharing options.

 Steps for Sharing Voice Messages on your iPhone

·      Open the WeChat application.

·      It is given on the Home screen of the iPhone.

·      Go to the chat, which includes the text you wish to forward.

·      Press on the message option and keep pressing on it.

·      The menu list will appear on the screen.

·      Press on the Triangle symbol.

·      Click on the More option.

·      Choose the additional voice text in case you wish to.

·      Once you have confirmed that you have chosen the right option, click on the three dots symbol.

·      It is located in the end right-hand side of the screen.

·      Click on the Email symbol.

·      Enter the email ID.

·      Share the message or messages to the email.

·      Share the message which you wish to forward through email.

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