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How to Fix the Windows Malwarebytes Service High CPU Error

Malwarebytes is a famous antivirus software for the Windows user. It is the best anti-malware scanner tool available in the market. But, several users are facing the Windows Malwarebytes services high CPU error on their Windows PC. To fix this issue, then follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

How to Fix the Windows Malwarebytes Service High CPU Error

Here’s how to fix the Windows Malwarebytes service high CPU error

· Change the other antivirus tool

1. Go to Start.

2. Click on Control Panel.

3. You need to find it first.

4. Press on the gear symbol.

5. It will launch the settings tab in case you are the Windows 10 user.

6. Choose the View as- Category option.

7. It is given in the Control Panel window.

8. This option is located at the top right-hand side.

9. Select Uninstall a Program.

10. It is given below the Programs column.

11. In case the Settings application is already opened, press on the Apps option.

12. You can now see all the apps.

13. Find the antivirus tool.

14. It is located in the Control Panel menu.

15. Otherwise, find it in the Settings tab.

16. Press on the Uninstall option.

17. The uninstall window will open, so you need to go through the guidelines for uninstalling it.

18. Press on the Finish option.

19. Start the system once again to check whether this issue is still occurring.

20. Ensure that you select the best antivirus option.

· Performing the Malwarebytes installation

1. Enter “regedit” in the text field.

2. You need to press on the Start menu.

3. Otherwise, press on the Search option.

4. Start using the Windows and R keys together.

5. It will launch the Run prompt box where you need to enter “regedit” in the given column.

6. Press on the OK button.

7. Start using the locations in the registry menu.

8. If you are using the Windows x86 32-Bit, then here is the location mentioned below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

9. In case you are using the Windows x86 32-Bit, then go through the location given below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Once you have used the ID and key, you can go through the reinstallation process. Go through the guidelines in case you want to go further with the latest version:

· Go to the MBAM option.

· Click on the My Account option.

· Press on the Deactivate option.

· Go to the Settings tab.

· Click on the Advanced Settings tab.

· Unselect the checkbox given near to the “Enable self-protection module” button.

· Exit from the MBAM window.

· Start downloading the “mbam-clean.exe” tool by going to the online Malwarebytes online website.

· Exit from the program and turn off the security tools which you have already launched.

· Execute the mbam-clean.exe tool.

· Go through the guidelines that are showing on display.

· Start rebooting the system.

· Start downloading the MBAM updated version from the online site.

· Start installing it by going through the guidelines on display.

· Unselect the checkbox given near to the Trial option.

· Press on the option, which indicates the Activation option.

· In case you are using the free trial, then you can download the latest version.

· Start copying and pasting the ID and key by going to the registry menu.

· It is located in the prompt box.

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