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How to Quickly Transfer Your iOS Data to Android

Switching to a new mobile device could be daunting and even more so if you are switching the OS platforms as well. Well, it was all in the past as Samsung and Google have worked out a way to finish the job quickly. The feature that lets you do so easily is none other than USB connectors. More specifically USB-A connector on one side and USB-C connector on the other one.

The adapter allows you to transfer videos, files, audios, and photos. The feature gets even better by downloading the free versions of the apps you have installed on your iPhone. The Apple messaging service would not be compatible with the Android, but you can certainly transfer your chat history to your Android device.

The post will cover two major devices: Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

Switching from iPhone to Google Pixel

You should first charge both the devices before starting the process. Next step for you would be to switch off iMessage across all Apple devices. To do so:

1. Open the Settings tab.

2. Locate Messages.

3. Switch Off the iMessage option.

To connect the devices:

1. If your Pixel phone has a SIM card then install it, switch the phone on and press the Start button.

2. Connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and choose the Copy your data option.

3. Now connect the power cable to the iPhone.

4. Connect the other side to the magic adapter, which is named Quick Switch Adapter (QSA) by Google.

5. Connect the plug with the QSA and then with Pixel phone.

6. Press Trust when asked.

7. On the Pixel device, sign-in to your Google account.

8. After selecting the stuff you want to copy, press Copy.

The transfer time will depend on the size and quantity of the data you are copying. It could take from minutes to hours, so you can opt to do something else meanwhile.

Switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy devices also come with an adapter for you to transfer the data. While you can also choose to move it over Wi-Fi, the cable option is recommended as it is faster.

Repeat the steps like charging and turning off iMessage.

To begin the transfer:

1. Launch the Smart Switch application on the Galaxy phone. It may take a minute to download so wait for it to install.

2. You may be asked to receive or send data. Press Receive when asked.

3. You then have to select the transfer process: Cable or Wi-Fi.

4. Plug the adapter and lightning cable in both the devices — no need to do so if you opt Wi-Fi route.

5. Press Trust on iPhone and a message saying Connecting to iPhone will pop up.

6. If you have encrypted your iPhone with a password, then Enter it.

7. The Galaxy phone will scan your iPhone for data.

8. Select the data you wish to transfer and press the transfer arrow.

The process will take from a minute to an hour, depending on the data size.

After the process finishes, check the data and enjoy.

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