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Google Feature to Restrict Your Android App Addiction

Google is offering a new feature which will allow you to gain some self-discipline in regards to Android app addiction. The said feature is known as Focus Mode and was announced back in May. The feature will restrict apps from distracting you during a vital piece of work. You can set a timer for the apps you do not want to be bothered with. The apps vary from person to person; it could be Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. You can pause the apps you deem distracting for a limited time, and they will be unpaused after the time is over.

Google Feature to Restrict Your Android App Addiction

The new feature is added, keeping in mind what is known as digital health. The feature works off the Wind Down Mode, which is an element of Digital Wellbeing by Android. This will turn your screen into grayscale. You can either schedule it every night or can turn it on manually. The intent is to make the screen less tempting to watch while also working against the blue light, which allegedly is believed to disorder sleeping patterns.

Google thinks features like Focus Mode, which restricts and pauses apps are a good attempt against App Addiction. It is expected to decrease the app overuse 90% of the time. The user can choose the apps according to his choice.

The feature is available in Android 10 beta which was previously known as Android Q. You can update the software to the latest version. To use the feature, you are first required to install the Android 10 beta. Keep in mind that the beta version will have some issues as it is a beta version.

How to Utilize Focus Mode on Android

  1. Open the Digital Wellbeing application.
  2. Choose Focus Mode on the dashboard.
  3. Choose Show All Apps if every app is not showing there.
  4. Press on the box on the right of the apps you want to pause.
  5. Press Turn On now.
  6. The apps that you have chosen would be grayed out. If you attempt to open the application, then a notification will pop up stating the Focus Mode is on. You can choose Settings or press OK to let the app be paused.
  7. Go to the Focus Mode settings and Turn Off now when you are finished.

Make Use Of Quick Settings to Switch On Focus Mode

  1. Open the Quick Settings Menu if you want a quick way to switch on the Focus Mode.
  2. Press Focus Mode. This step will pause the apps you have selected in the Focus Mode.
  3. To edit the apps, you would have to open the Digital Wellbeing App.
  4. Now you can focus on the task at hand without getting a notification now and then.

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