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Hope Still Remains for Spider-Man as Marvel and Sony Try to Reach a Deal

Spider-Man was a welcome addition to MCU’ Avengers, as the beloved fan-favorite superhero made a debut in Captain America Civil War released in 2016. However, recently  there were some disputes between Sony and Marvel’s parent company, Disney regarding Spider-Man. Allegedly Marvel helped in Tom Holland starring Spider-Man flicks and claimed profits for it. This lead to some disputes among the organizations, ending in Spider-Man getting taken out of MCU.

Hope Still Remains for Spider-Man as Marvel and Sony Try to Reach a Deal

There were recent rumors surrounding Venom joining MCU and our Spidey joining Venom verse too. However, all the hopes are not lost yet, as Sony and Marvel may still come up with an agreement. Even the Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner asked Sony to return Spidey to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland has featured in three Avengers flicks till date and was adored by the fanbase in every one of them. His death scene in Avengers Infinity War was one of the key highlights of the movie. So it is merely natural for Jeremy to want to keep him as part of the Marvel-verse.

There are reports suggesting that the chances of Sony and Marvel striking a deal are still possible. Sony stated that the disputes regarding negotiations and credits are still going on. The representative for Sony went on to say, that Feige has also added to some Marvel movies to which he never got any producer credit.

The future for Spidey was looking bleak until a piece of news recently surfaced that Sony may still be working on Spider-Man, albeit without MCU’s intervention. What would that look like is still unknown to everyone. The Spidey fans do not really understand the politics and negotiations between the organizations, especially the younger audience. However, if Sony and Marvel do part ways, then Spidey movies will have to face a lot of questions, which they may not be able to retort.

Although if the studios set aside the dispute and find a way to land an agreement, then the fans would not have to worry anymore about  Spidey’s future. Sony obviously has prior experience when it comes to Spider-Man, as they have previously produced several sequels of them.

Just the previous year Sony released Venom which proved to be a hit on box-office. Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse was also released by Sony, which went on to win an Academy Award. So there are chances Sony would still be able to pull off successful Spider-Man flicks on their own.

The fans, however, have hopes regarding an agreement between Marvel and Sony so that the beloved superhero does not have to leave the MCU.

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