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Ezra Miller Confirms The Flash Solo Film

Ezra Miller recently announced that a solo movie for The Flash along with his involvement in it is absolutely confirmed. The solo film has been speculated ever since Ezra Miller joined DC universe as The Flash aka Barry Allen. Flash made a cameo in DC’s Suicide Squad and Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although his first notable appearance was in DC’s Justice League. DC and Warner Bros. originally planned to release a solo movie featuring Barry ever since Zack Snyder teamed up.

Ezra Miller Confirms The Flash Solo Film

However, ever since that announcement The Flash saw several directors getting added and exiting from the project. The list included Rick Famuyiwa, Seth Grahame, John Francis, and Johnathan Goldstein. The most recent exit for the directors came after their clash with Ezra’s vision of the character. Ezra even went on to write his own script; however, Warner Bros did not choose the script for the movie. Recently Christina Hodson was recruited to write the film along with Andy Muschietti to direct it. Hodson has worked on Birds of Prey while Andy has worked on IT Chapter Two, so we are already aware of their capabilities and skills.

Although the fans have learned not to get their hopes high with the film after several previously added names left the project. In a recent interview, Ezra named a few movies for his upcoming future. Since the list was somewhat long, he decided to name the only ones he was sure to come out. He named Fantastic Beasts 3 along with the much-awaited The Flash.

The movie is on its way, although with a few new faces and names attached to it. Miller is confirmed to reprise his role as Barry Allen. Warner Bros has already invested in Ezra’s skills with the Fantastic Beasts series. So a new agreement such as The Flash only confirms WB’s faith in Miller.

Miller hinted that The Flash would be started after they finish filming the forthcoming Fantastic Beasts 3. While the Fantastic Beast 3 will start its production in the upcoming spring of 2020, Flash can get filmed somewhere later in 2020 or early 2021. Whatever the time may be, Andy will get the necessary time for preparation to roll the cameras.

This schedule will put the movie on a 2022 release date which is four years later than the initial plan. However, the fans will accept anything as long as the movie gets released. With all the news and time passing by, the expectations from the film have only gone up.

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