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Facebook to Integrate WhatsApp and Instagram DM with Messenger

Facebook is planning to merge its systems- Messenger and Instagram so that users can exchange messages among the applications. However, it will chip away some of the freedom offered by Instagram’s DM feature in the course.

Developers are trying to revamp Instagram’s Direct Message feature by making use of the technology used by Messenger. This way, Instagram users can talk to people on Messenger. For instance, if you have a friend who is not on Instagram, then you can send them a message on Facebook Messenger. To ease the technicalities, the staff at Instagram DM has started to report to the Messenger team. The appearance of Instagram’s messaging feature, named Instagram Direct, will not be undergoing too many changes. However, the basic technology that powers it will get changed.

Facebook to Integrate WhatsApp and Instagram DM with Messenger.jpg

In 2018, Facebook’s CEO chose to enable WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram users to communicate with each other irrespective of the platform they are using. He has named this move as interoperability. However, this has resulted in stress within the organizations. Some people say that separate platforms do well due to the fact that they are not directly linked to Facebook. Facebook has already faced a lot of criticism due to its data-sharing practices.

Facebook’s CEO has argued that as Instagram and WhatsApp have been using the resourced of Facebook for growing their own brands, they should now do the same. In the past few years, Facebook has increased its hold over the two platforms. WhatsApp and Instagram leaders now directly report to Mark Zuckerberg.

As per Facebook, they were going to change Instagram to Instagram from Facebook and Whatsapp to WhatsApp from Facebook. All the people employed at Instagram and WhatsApp will also have to make changes to their email addresses.

These new changes are not taken well by some main employees at WhatsApp and Instagram. The founders of Instagram quit in September 2018 due to suspected clash with Zuckerberg. Instagram became popular because it was a simple and visual platform. Facebook is more complex and contains a lot of options. Instagram does not have any groups, pages, marketplaces, etc. Hence, integrating the platforms does not make much sense.

Undoubtedly, the money and resources offered by Facebook have assisted Instagram, but one should not turn a blind eye to the fact that Instagram has done well despite the ownership of Facebook.

Facebook is also planning to encrypt its chat platforms. So now the texts and data shall be private and will not be saved on Facebook servers.

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