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How to Read Mac Drives on Windows PC?

Want to read your Mac drive on a Windows PC? If yes, then you have come to the right place. If you think that it is a simple thing to do, then you are probably misunderstood. Reading Mac drives on Windows requires additional work such as installing third-party applications.

How to Read Mac Drives on Windows PC?

Let’s take a closer look at how to access Mac Drive on your computer.

Mac drives are divided into two types:

  • APFS formatted drive- Mostly used in modern Mac systems.
  • HFS+ formatted drive- Used in older models but still used in some Mac.

Reading APFS Drives on Windows

First of all, let’s learn how to read modern types of Mac drives. We have listed some applications that are used to read Mac drives on a regular PC.


If you are willing to pay for a genuine service, then this application is for you. MacDrive has been providing an excellent and trusted service to its customers since 1996. If you are someone who is conscious about ads and privacy issues, then this app will be the best option for you. This app is capable of reading both APFS and HFS formatted drives on a Windows device. This app is ranked number one on this article because it even writes files on your Mac drive. Writing Mac’s drive on Windows is a feature that very few applications provide.

Paragon APFS for Windows

For any reason, if you don’t want to go with MacDrive, then here is another alternative. It is also a paid app and provides excellent service to its clients. It also provides read and write features just like the MacDrive. It only supports APFS Mac drives to run on Windows. In a single purchase, it can be used in three different devices.

UFS Explorer Standard Access

It is a good application used to read APFS formatted drives on a PC. This app is also paid, but it is much more affordable when compared to the other two in this list. This app is an all-rounder when it comes to its reading capabilities. It can read several types of drives, such as all Mac supported drives APFS and HFS+. It can also read other standard types of drives like NTFS, SGI XFS, Linux JFS, VMware, and more.

Reading HFS+ Formatted Drives on PC

If you have an HFS+ drive and want to read and copy files from it, then see the ways to read them on your Windows PC.

Apple HFS+ Drivers on Windows PC

If you only want to read and browse HFS+ drive files on your PC, then you can go and install Apple HFS= drivers on your Windows computer to do just that. Follow the instructions below:

  1. If you want to use this feature, then you need to uninstall any program that we told you in this article because it will interfere with Mac drivers. So first you need to remove them.
  2. Download the Mac drive drivers and then copy “AppleHFS.sys” file to C:\Windows\System32\drivers. Do the same with AppleMNT.sys file and copy it to the same directory on your system drive.
  3. Now reboot your PC.

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