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Fortnite Season 10 Teaser 3 Reveals Two New Skins

One of the most recent battle royale games that took the world by storm – Fortnite by Epic Games- is going to release its tenth season in a few days. With the release coming closer, the season teaser dropped on Tuesday shows two skins that are already familiar to the players. The teaser pretty much confirmed the time travel theme which was already heavily anticipated.

Fortnite Season 10 Teaser 3 Reveals Two New Skins

The teaser hinted a classic skin back from Season 5. The skin we are talking about is Drift. It was a battle skin that was released back in season 5. It was one of the complicated skins, but as the official tweet suggests, Twist Time is only befitting the theme.

The teaser also showed a glimpse of Dusty Depot which was previously destroyed in Season 4. So it does seem likely that Fortnite is bringing back all its hits back for this one. The previously released Think Backline surely suggests this to be true.

But that is not all that Epic Games has to offer, the teaser trailer also showed some new components which hint we may be looking in the future too. It has not become really clear as to what the latest season of Fortnite is going to offer us, but we can definitely expect the nostalgia factor to play a big role in the latest season.

The trailer for season 10 shows the space-time continuum getting broken in the most bizarre way possible. After the Cattus vs. Doggus event, the orb of light left over the look lake, but now The Zero Point is on the verge of explosion, and it is not going to be peaceful. The short trailer shows Jonesy escaping from the orb, but the orb, instead of destroying him, sends him to some huge purple dreamscape.

Chests and different items from previous seasons move past Jonesy. These items include the final rocket launched at the end of the fourth season which created the huge rift in the sky. Jonesy also sees a golden SMG (Submachine gun),  this weapon was seemingly a myth in the game, which hints that the latest season may also include a bit of the future also. The most crucial piece of information we get at the end is when Jonesy wakes up under a huge asteroid that is about to crash right next to the Dusty Depot.

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