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Endgame Directors Suggest a Potential MCU Role for Keanu Reeves

Be it being an action-thriller megahit superstar movies such as John Wick or The Matrix, or even a cameo in Toy Story 4, Keanu Reeves is a name almost everyone is familiar with, and recently the internet has fallen in love with Keanu even more. Including starring in Cyberpunk:2077 game trailer, and becoming a meme like “You are breathtaking,” Keanu has been all over the internet recently. So it is not a big surprise when a big franchise like MCU would show interest in the breathtaking Hollywood star.

Endgame Directors Suggest a Potential MCU Role for Keanu Reeves

Recently the Avengers: Endgame co-directors including Anthony and Joe Russo suggested a role in MCU that would be suitable for Keanu Reeves. When they were asked by the host Kevin about what role Keanu can star in, they were initially a little hesitant and even said that the possibilities are infinite, but later when the host Kevin suggested the part of Moonknight, the co-directors reluctantly agreed that it was a good choice. Even the MCU artist Bill Sienkiewicz was keen on Keanu being able to nail every single one of Moonknight’s alternate personalities. The internet, as a huge Keanu fan, is backing up the scenario of Keanu being in MCU and even suggesting some roles like Fantastic Four’s Reed Richard and Adam Warlock.

Coincidentally the co-writer of Endgame, Christopher Markus has hinted a movie starring Moonknight whereas even Kevin Feige suggested that the Hollywood star can have a future in the MCU. While the MCU already has its hands full with the MCU phase 4 starting in the year 2020 on May 1st  with Black Widow.

While as to concerning Keanu, he is all set to release his next flick Bill & Ted Face the Music at the end of August of next year. The movie recently had the first look of its music launched, and it has the fans speculating as to what the film has to offer. Considering the stars filled movie features names like Beck Bennett, Amy Stoch, Anthony Carrigan, Kristen Schaal and even some more, it is bound to be a box-office success.  The movie certainly has been in the news as the rumors suggest that even Eddie Van Halen may appear in a cameo. George Carlin, unfortunately, will not be able to partake in the movie, which is disappointing for everyone. Before passing away in 2008, the late comedian was a crucial part of the film. To pay respects, the movie will not recast his role as Dufus.

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