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How to Fix the Battery Life of Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 is one of the best phones with plenty of advanced features. However, a lot of people who own this device are not satisfied with its battery life. It is not only the fault of the phone, though. The way you use the apps and configure the phone setting also matters a lot when it comes to the battery life of a phone. If you also own a Google Pixel 3 and want to enhance its battery life, the best tips and tricks are given over here for you.

Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

1. Reboot the device

Every phone runs various processes and apps in the background from time to time. It is the same case with the Google Pixel 3. You can quickly fix battery life issues and extend the battery life by rebooting the phone. Once you reboot your phone, all the things running in the background will be closed.

2. Turn off Always On option

As discussed earlier, you can make your battery last for a more extended period by tweaking a few settings. The Always-on option is one such option among them. Follow these steps:

* Visit the Settings section on your phone.

* Then, go to Display option and tap over there.

* You will see the Advanced option on the screen, tap on it.

* Find the ‘Ambient Display’ option now.

* Disable the ‘Always on’ option to end the process.

3. Manage brightness, sleep time, and wallpaper

You get the option to download and use different types of wallpapers on your phone. They can either be static or move from time to time. The moving wallpapers are, however, not good for the battery. It is highly recommended to use a black or dark wallpaper if you want to save battery on your phone.

Even the brightness of your phone affects battery life. That’s why you get a dedicated brightness bar on the phone for adjusting. Choose the auto-brightness option or set the brightness level low to save and extend the battery life.

When it comes to adjusting the Sleep time, here’s the process:

* Visit the ‘Settings’ section.

* Choose Display and then Sleep.

* From here, you can either set the time to 1 minute or even less than that. Your phone is destined to dim when you do not use it.

4. Use Battery Saver mode

It is important to disable the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well, when you are not using your device. The GPS option can be disabled also. Once you disable all these options, the battery life will be enhanced for sure. If you are facing low battery issues, the ‘Battery Saver mode’ is the best solution for you. Though, you need to know that it will disable a few apps and services on your phone. Here’s how you can enable it:

* Open ‘Settings’ first, on your phone.

* Now, tap on the Battery option and then the Battery Saver mode option.

* Tap the toggle button shown with ‘Battery Saver mode’ to turn it on.

5. Check battery usage information

To check battery usage, open Settings, and visit the Battery section. You will see the ‘Battery usage’ option at the top right part of the screen, which will let you know about the apps that affect battery life. If any app is consuming a lot of battery, you can force stop it or quickly uninstall it.

6. Update apps and your phone from time to time

Software updates help in battery optimization, offers new features, and even fixes a lot of errors on the device. Hence, you need to check software updates always and ensure that you have the latest version. For updating any software program, go through these steps:

* Open ‘Settings’ on your phone and then tap the ‘System’ option.

* Find the ‘Advanced and then System update’ option now and tap on it.

* The ‘About phone’ option will be shown on the screen, touch over there.

* If any new update is available, get it on your device.

It is equally important to keep the apps updated on your phone as well. The apps will function smoothly, and no issues will be there. For updating apps on your device:

* Open ‘Google Play Store.’

* Touch the ‘Menu’ option.

* Select ‘My apps & games.’

* Touch the Update all option.

7. Use the Adaptive Battery Mode

Android users get the Adaptive Battery mode, which is a new feature. It helps the user control the apps that are not accessed much. Ensure that it is enabled on your phone for saving the battery now and then.

All in all, these are the best ways to fix the Google Pixel 3 battery life!

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