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5 Best Exclusive Mozilla Tools for Firefox Users

Mozilla is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers available currently for use. It is an ideal open-source and free software program, which consists of new updates from time to time for betterment. There are plenty of new tools available for users that allows them to take screenshots, make the browser faster, and more. On that note, let’s check out the best Mozilla tools over here.

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1. Track This

You can easily trick online advertisers with the use of this web tool. It is beneficial for those who want to protect their identity on the internet and trick all the trackers. If you are concerned about its working process, it allows you to select between four different profiles. They are alter egos and named as Doomsday, Filthy Rich, Hypebeast, and Influencer.

You need to make that you are providing the right information. After making the final decision, it will open around 100 different links that an ideal user would see. Even this tools works on other browsers as well. Though, you need to make sure that the pop-ups are allowed for using it. Track This will open 100 new tabs on your browser; hence, you need to save all the browser data before using it.

2. ScreenshotGo

Android users, who regularly take screenshots on their device, must use the ScreenshotGo app on Firefox. It is made specially to manage and organize your screenshots and even allows you to search for texts in the screenshots. This tool is capable of recognizing each screenshot that you take on your Android device. They will be added accordingly to different collections, like chat history, news, finance, and shopping. Even it lets you create your collections. When it comes to managing, the overall time it demands is one hour. But once you give the time, the images remain organized and saves storage on your device too.

The best features of ScreenshotGo is undoubtedly OCR, which is a short form of Optical Character Recognition. It lets users read texts from the images and make it easy to find all the relevant keyword. Get this ideal screenshot app for free from the Google Play Store.

3. Firefox Lite

The regular Firefox Android app boasts a lot of great features but also take captures a lot of storage space and battery and processor resources. If you use a slow or old Android device, the best solution for you is to use the Firefox Lite app. It offers the same functionality and comes as a lightweight version of the app. Its Turbo Mode blocks a variety of online trackers and swiftly loads any page.

Also, you get the option to block images from web pages with a single tap. For reading any web page offline, you can take a screenshot of the page. Other than this, you get plenty of cool features such as Night Mode, private/incognito browsing, quick launch home screen, and more.

4. Facebook Container 2

Last year, Mozilla released an extension known Facebook Container to make things easier for users. It is ideal for use even if you are not a Facebook user. Facebook can’t track your information if you use this outstanding extension. Download the Facebook Container 2 for Firefox from the Mozilla browser for free.

5. Firefox Preview

If you love privacy, then Firefox Preview is essential for you. It is an exclusive and experimental browser from Mozilla that only focus on speed and privacy. This browser is being offered an ideal combination of regular Firefox and Firefox Focus. However, it is in beta stage. So, you will have to deal with bugs and crashes from time to time, which is a drawback though.

Overall these are the best Firefox apps or tools that you must use!

Aida Martin is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She  writes for Norton security products at



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