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How to Fix a Chromebook That Won’t Charge

Sometimes Chromebook maybe refuse to charge. This can be because of the hardware or software which is causing a problem in the charging of Chromebook. Do you want to fix a Chromebook that won’t charge issue? Then follow the methods given in this article.

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Here’s How to Fix a Chromebook That Won’t Turn On

•    Disconnect the charger and connect it again

1.    Disconnect your Chromebook charger from the socket.

2.    Firstly, connect your charger into the Chromebook.

3.    After that, connect it into the socket.

4.    You have to wait for 30 minutes.

•    Reboot your Chromebook

1.    Switch off the device,

2.    Keep pressing on the Power and Refresh keys together provided on the Chromebook keyboard.

3.    You don’t have to leave the Refresh key till the Chromebook start its rebooting process.

If you are using the Chromebook tablet, then follow the rebooting steps mentioned below:

1.    Long press on the Power and Volume Up keys together.

2.    You need to press them for 10 seconds.

3.    If compulsory, then keep pressing the keys for a long period.

4.    After completing the rebooting process, free both the buttons.

5.    But some of the Chromebook models have a different rebooting process.

6.    Then, go through the charging light.

7.    In case the reboot did not fix this problem, then do this procedure again.

8.    Once you have completed the rebooting process again, disconnect the charger.

9.    Disconnect your charger from both the socket and Chromebook.

10.    In case this procedure fixed the problem, then you have to charge the device for a 1 hour.

11.    In case it is not, then follow any other method.

•    Sync and backup your account

1.    Go to the home screen.

2.    Press on the time.

3.    Press on the Settings option.

4.    This option is located in the context menu,

5.    Open the People column.

6.    Click on the Sync option.

7.    Choose the account that you want to sync.

8.    To get additional protection, open the Encryption options column.

9.    Enter the password.

10.    Encrypt all the files in the Chromebook.

•    Save a File Using Chromebook

1.    Search for a file which you want to save.

2.    After getting it, right-click on a file.

3.    Choose the Save option.

4.    Additionally, press on the Save button,

5.    Click on the Control and S keys together provided on the Chromebook keyboard.

6.    Enter a title for the file.

7.    Additionally, you can change the file type by going to the pull-down list.

8.    At last, choose the folder on your Google Drive where you want to store a file.

9.    Press on the Save option.

•    Factory reset your Chromebook

1.    Log out of the Chromebook.

2.    Open the Home Screen.

3.    Press on the time.

4.    After getting the context menu, press on the Settings tab.

5.    This tab is located at the end of the menu list.

6.    Press on the Advanced option.

7.    This option is given on the left corner of the menu list

8.    This menu list is located on the Settings tab.

9.    Choose the Powerwash option.

10.    Now, the Chromebook start the factory reset.

11.    Log in to the Google account.

12.    Go through the setup wizard.

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