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Top 5 Best USB TV Tuners of 2019

As we all know, a TV tuner is used to receive TV signals and TV channels. It can convert a PC into a TV and you can freely record your favorite TV shows, movies and other pieces of content. The recorded videos can be edited by software to remove ads and other unwanted content. In short, a TV tuner is a useful gadget to watch and record TV on a computer.

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We have listed five best USB TV tuners of 2019 that you can buy. Let’s dive in.

1. Hauppauge 1191 WinTV-HVR-955Q

It is one of the most popular TV tuners of all time due to its reliable performance and handy price. This TV tuner offers many useful features such as recording and watching live TV with ease, and is compatible with any Windows PC, and others. Recording your favorite movies, serials, and other programs is just a click away. It comes with an additional antenna which can make the picture quality even better and should be used when the signals are low. The channels can also be watched in a separate window, which will allow you to do other tasks.

2. AVerMedia Volar Hybrid Q USB TV Tuner

You can plug it into an Android TV to record your favorite channels, either in a PC. It can support ClearQAM, ATSC, OTA Fm Radio, analog and AVer TV which makes it different from other TV tuners. It has many awesome features like picture-in-picture, time shift, smart channel grouping, and closed captioning.

3. Hauppauge  WInTV-DualHD Dual USB

Plug it directly into your laptop USB port and play TV without any issue. You can enjoy multiple TV channels at a time. It enables you to choose one channel to watch and allows you to record another at the same time. There is also an additional antenna for enhancing the signal strength and picture quality. It comes with a remote, USB extension cable and an activation code.

4. Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One

This TV is made for Xbox One gaming console which allows one to watch free over the air channels directly through their Xbox One. You can stream live TV and even pause it while you need a break. In the box, you will get one user manual to guide you regarding the installation and other uses, local listings for TV stations,  and more. Once the installation is done, you are ready to attach your 10-mile range antenna and place it near a window. It can show up to 1500 TV stations, and most of the TV stations are available in 200 cities in the United States.

5. USB Digital ATSC Clear QAM TV Tuner

It is a budget-friendly TV tuner which is the best way to set up a TV on your PC. This TV tuner is a USB based ATSC SD/HD tuner which offers TV streaming in Windows-based PC. It can stream over-the-air TV stations across North America. It also receives and streams local broadcast stations, public -access stations, and more channels.

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