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5 Best Photo Recovery Apps In 2019

Photos you keep in your smartphone’s space are good memories. With some apps, you can recover lost or missing photos from your phone. I have shortlisted the best recovery apps to make sure that your media files are recoverable, in case you lose them.

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1. Dumpster

Dumpster is one of the best apps to recover media and files on your smartphone. Dumpster has more than 20 million users around the world. With the app, just effortlessly backup your media files, apps and many more in few taps on the screen. Dumpster restores accidentally deleted pictures effectively. It does not require any internet connection and no rooting of the device. Dumpster comes in 14 different languages, which makes it preferable worldwide.

2. DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep works as a recovery tool for media and files in your smartphone. Users can have this tool as an additional backup for the stuff in the phone. This tool searches your smartphone’s internal storage or SD card to recover deleted files and images immediately. In addition, it recovers accidentally deleted pictures too. It is one of the most reliable and best quality media recovery tools for your smartphone.

3. Restore Deleted Photos

It is another amazing app available to restore deleted files and pictures. The app supports internal and external storage of your smartphone. Users need to scan all the media and files, which takes a few minutes, and they are good to go. It gives you back all the accidental deleted stuff on your smartphone. The app is compatible with a huge range of devices, including tablets and smartphones. It is quite easy to use the app to restore the deleted items which save you from great disappointment.

4. RecoverPics

RecoverPics is for situations where you delete pictures by mistake, and accidentally. RecoverPics is all you need for your problem’s solution. In the app, users need to select photos which they want to recover, and they are good to go. The app instantly gives you back all the pictures you selected in case they get deleted by you. RecoverPics is one of the best photo recovery apps ever designed for Android users.

5. EaseUs MobiSaver

EaseUs app does not only recover the lost pictures, but it recovers files and contacts too without any fuss. It is an all-in-one app to get back all the data and stuff you lost by mistake. There is no need to be disappointed at all with EaseUp app on your smartphone. The app supports every format of images, videos, and files. Lost contacts from your phone are fully recoverable with EaseUp app.

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