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How to Connect Smartwatch With Your Android Phone

Smartwatches can be connected with Android phones. But, it should have some application installed in it and can pair to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can also perform calls and messages by using a smartwatch. There are several methods to connect the two devices.

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Follow the instructions mentioned below to connect smartwatch with your Android phone.

Steps to Connect Smartwatch with Your Android Phone Using Bluetooth

•Enable Bluetooth on the Android Phone

1.    Open the Settings application on the Android phone.

2.    Go through and press on the Bluetooth option.

3.    Enable the Bluetooth option.

•Enable the Discoverable Mode

1.    Press on the Settings tab on the Android phone.

2.    Click on the Bluetooth option.

3.    Enable the Bluetooth option.

4.    Below it, go through the checkbox to enable the Discoverable mode.

•Switch on the Smartwatch

1.    Make sure that the smartphone is switched on before going through the connecting process.

2.    You have to search for the power key.

3.    Keep pressing on the power key until it gets switched on.

4.    The connection option will start showing on your Android phone screen, and you will also get the watch symbol on it.

•Connect Your Smartwatch with the Android phone

1.    Switch on your Android phone.

2.    Go to the Bluetooth option.

3.    After enabling the Bluetooth option, press on the Search for Devices or Scan Devices option located at the end of the display.

4.    Below the menu list of all the devices which are available now, choose the Smartwatch device.

5.    Now, you will get a code on display.

6.    Make sure that the code received on your phone and smartwatch is the same.

Steps to Connect Smartwatch on Your Android Phone Using SpeedUp Smartwatch

• Downloading and installing the SpeedUp Smartwatch Application

1.    Open the Google Play Store.

2.    Find the SpeedUp Smartwatch.

3.    Press on the Install option.

• Turn on Bluetooth on the Android phone.

You need to enable the Bluetooth on the Android phone first before starting the pairing process.

• Enable the Discoverable Mode

Now, you need to make the Android device visible to the other phones by enabling the discoverable mode.

• Open the SpeedUp Smartwatch Application

You have to launch the SpeedUp application on the Android phone and go through the guidelines before starting the connecting process. After that, find the name provided in the menu list of all the available devices and move to the connecting process.

• Connect the SpeedUp Smartwatch with the Android Device

1.    Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled.

2.    Go to the SpeedUp smartwatch application on the Android device.

3.    Press on the Search smartwatch option to find the name of the smartwatch Bluetooth.

4.    After the name start showing on the screen, press on the Bond option.

5.    After the connecting text shows on display, press on the tick symbol located on the smartwatch.

6.    Press on the Pair option given on the Android phone.

7.    Press on the Send notification button on the Android device for the verification.

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