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How to Reset Password on Your iPhone 7 Plus

Do you forget your password? Don’t know how to reset the password on your iPhone 7 Plus? You can go through the instructions mentioned in this article to reset your iPhone 7 Plus password. You can do this procedure through iCloud, iTunes, and recovery mode.

How to Reset Password on Your iPhone 7 Plus

Here’s How to Reset Password on Your iPhone 7 Plus

•    In case you have synced the iPhone 7 Plus already with iTunes, start using the iTunes option.

•    In case you have already logged in your iPhone 7 to iCloud, or you have enabled the Find My iPhone, then start using the iCloud option.

•    In case you do not start using the iCloud on the iPhone 7 Plus, and you are not able to sync or pair with the iTune, start using the recovery mode option.

Steps to Remove the iPhone 7 Plus Using iCloud

•    Open iCloud.comm/find with any other device.

•    If needed, then log in to the Apple ID.

•    Choose All Devices option located at the upper side of the internet browser.

•    Choose the device which you wish to remove.

•    After that, press on the Erase option which you remove the device and also its password.

•    You have the two option on the screen.

•    The first one is to restore from the backup.

•    The second one is to set up as new.

•    In case you are not paired to any Wifi or mobile network, then you won’t be able to remove it by using the Find My iPhone option.

Steps to Remove the iPhone 7 Plus Using iTunes

•    Pair the iPhone 7 Plus to the system which runs the iTunes.

•    Go to iTunes.

•    Type the password, and you need to use any other device where you have synced with or start using the recovery mode.

•    Let the syncing process of the iPhone 7 Plus get completed by the iTunes.

•    You need to take a backup.

•    Once you have completed the syncing process, press on the Restore option.

•    After the Set-Up screen start showing on your iPhone 7 plus screen, click on the Restore from iTunes backup option.

•    Choose the iPhone 7 Plus by going to iTunes.

•    Search for the date and size of every backup which you have taken.

•    Choose the date and size.

Steps to Remove the iPhone 7 Plus Using Recovery Mode

•    Pair the iPhone 7 Plus to the system.

•    Go to iTunes.

•    After connecting the iPhone 7 Plus, you need to start it again.

•    Keep pressing on the Sleep and Home keys together for a few seconds.

•    You need to keep pressing both the keys until you will get the Apple logo and recovery mode on display.

•    After getting the Restore or Update option, you need to select the Update option.

•    Now, the iTunes start reinstalling your iPhone 7 Plus without removing any data.

•    Let the iTunes download the program for the iPhone 7 Plus.

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