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How to Unblock a Facebook User on Android

Using Facebook becomes frustrating because of a few users sometimes. Blocking them is the best solution to get rid of them. Once you block someone on Facebook, he or she will not be able to add you, see your timeline, tag or invite you, and have a conversation. If you want to connect with the user you blocked earlier, you can choose to unblock them. A lot of people find the process of unblocking hard on Facebook. So, to make things easier, the process to unblock any Facebook user through Android phone is given below.

How to Unblock a Facebook User on Android

Unblocking anyone on Facebook

You can easily unblock any person that you blocked earlier with the use of your Android device. It is essential to have the Facebook app on your Smartphone for unblocking. To get started with the process, launch the Facebook app in your phone and then go to the top right section. Tap the menu option available over there and keep scrolling down till you find the Account Setting option. After seeing it, tap on the same.

The next step is to move to the Blocking option to see all the people that you blocked before. Select the person that you unblock from the list. Once you click on their name, the Unblock button will appear on your screen, tap on it. You will be able to successfully unblocked the chosen person.

In case you do not have the Facebook app, then just go to the Google Play Store, search Facebook, and download the app from there. Launch the downloaded app and log in with your Facebook credentials.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for you:

1. Launch the Facebook app on your Android Smartphone.

2. Then, visit the menu section by tapping the three-horizontal icon available on the upper right corner.

3. You will have to scroll down and tap on the “Settings & Privacy” option.

 4. Now, select the Blocking option to move ahead with the process.

5. Choose the user that you wish to unblock.

6. You will see a pop-up window with two given options – Cancel and Unblock.

7. Hit the Unblock button to unblock the person.

In this way, you can unblock anyone on Facebook through your Android device. It is as simple as that. You must know that it is not possible to block the person that you unblocked recently again for the next 48 hours, though!

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