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How to Check Emails from Other Accounts

Google Mail Fetcher feature is useful if you want to use multiple email addresses. You can make two different Gmail accounts, the first one for the friends and family and the other one for your work. You can add another email ID and bring together all mails from different accounts in an inbox. The instructions given below will explain to you how to check emails from other accounts.

How to Check Emails from Other Accounts

Steps for Checking Emails from Other Account on Windows PC

Get all emails

•    Start changing the settings in the other account  by following the steps mentioned below:

1.    Switch on your PC.

2.    Log in to the account linked with your Gmail account.

3.    Press on the Settings option located in the upper right-hand side of the display.

4.    Tap on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.

5.    Choose the Enable POP for all mail option provided in the “POP Download” column.

6.    After that, press on the Save Changes option given at the end of the display.

•    You have to change the settings of your Gmail account by following the steps listed below:

1.    Enter Gmail account email address and password.

2.    Click on the login button.

3.    Tap on the Settings button given in the upper right-hand column of the window.

4.    Tap on the Add a mail account option located in the ‘Check mail from other accounts’ column.

5.    Type the email ID of any other account.

6.    Press on the Next button.

7.    Choose your email ID.

8.    Enter the registered password.

9.    Tap on the Add account option.

Get only old emails

•    Launch the Gmail on the device.

•    Hit on the Settings button provided in the upper right-hand corner.

•    Tap on the Accounts and import or Accounts option.

•    Tap on the Import mail and contacts option given in the second column.

•    Go through the steps mentioned on display.

•    Press on the Start import option.

Steps to Stop email forwarding

•    Click on the Gmail on the system.

•    Sign In to the account registered with the Gmail.

•    Tap on the Settings button provided in the upper right-hand column.

•    Tap on the Accounts and Import option.

•    Press on the Delete option near the account which you wish to stop email forwarding located in the “Check mail from other accounts” column.

•    In case you are getting all the mails on your account, then you need to go through the automatic forwarding is turn on or not on your Gmail account.

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