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How to Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Errors

If you have heard or know about the game PUBG then probably you will understand what Tencent Gaming Buddy is. Where PUBG Mobile is officially for the Mobile device, there are many users who wish to play this high-quality graphics game on their system. Tencent Gaming Buddy is an emulator software created by the developers of PUBG for the computer. This emulator program enables the users to play PUBG Mobile over their system. The Gaming Buddy is well optimized to function even on a low-end machine. It means the users who want to experience PUBG on the computer can easily install the Tencent Gaming buddy and play PUBG over their system.

How to Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Errors

However, there are some problems Gaming Buddy users found while running their game. These are:

•    PUBG Low FPS or lagging issue

•    Gaming Buddy or PUBS stuck while loading

•    The emulator (Gaming Buddy) crashes

•    Mic, voice and other audio related issues

•    Error codes appearing while playing PUBG

Here are the settings that you can use to fix the Tencent Gaming Buddy lagging issue.

How to fix PUBG Low FPS or lagging issue in Tencent Gaming Buddy

The emulator uses the system’s available resources to run. The Gaming buddy has default settings that is not compatible with all the computers, as each machine has different specifications. However, you can tweak these settings according to your system and operating system. Here are the best optimization settings that you can use in your Windows 10 PC.

1.    Locate the ‘Tencent’ icon on your computer’s desktop.

2.    Right click on the ‘Tencent’ icon.

3.    Select ‘Open File Location’ from the options. This will open the folder where you installed the Tencent’s emulator in your PC.

4.    Find the ‘App Market’ named file in the folder.

5.    When you find the file, right click on it.

6.    Select ‘Properties’.

7.    Click the ‘Compatibility’ tab at the top in App Market Properties window.

8.    Select lower windows version in the Compatibility mode dropdown and check the box of ‘Run the program in compatibility mode.’

9.    Make sure the box before ‘Run the program as Administrator’ is checked.

If you’re getting any confusion, then click on ‘Run Compatibility Troubleshooter’ button and choose recommended settings. Completed all the settings, now you’ve do settings in the emulator program.

10.    Close all the windows and launch the ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy’ program.

11.    Now, click on ‘Engine’ and select an option according to your GPU and CPU.

12.    Select all the options, but only select ‘Prioritise Dedicated GPU’ when you a dedicated graphics card like NVIDIA or AMD.

13.    Make sure ‘Anti-aliasing’ is closed.

14.    Select the ‘Memory’ from the dropdown less than you’ve in your device.

15.    Now, open the ‘Game’ tab from the left side menu.

16.    Set the resolution you want. If with the selected resolution game lags, change the resolution again.

17.    Set the smooth display quality.

18.    Hit the ‘Save’ button at the bottom to save your customized settings.

Now, start your game and check if the PUBG lags or clutters. If you’re running the Gaming Buddy in Windows 7, make sure you’ve DirectX installed in it. These settings will surely improve your gaming PUBG performance. Enjoy the game; have a “Chicken Dinner.”

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