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How to Print with an iPad with or without AirPrint

If you’re using an iPad for work, have your business or other data stored in it. You’ll likely to print out something from your iPad. Fortunately, the current printing solutions for an iPad are much better than before. Now, you can connect your iPad with a printer and print whatever you need. Here is some process to print with an iPad.

How to Print with an iPad with or without AirPrint

Print with iPad using AirPrint

Before you try connecting, make sure the printer you’ve support AirPrint. You can check the model number of your printer to ensure that it is compatible. If the printer is compatible, you have to connect your iPad and printer with the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure to keep both the devices in the network range.

Steps to setup AirPrint printer and iPad

1.    Plug in the printer to an electrical outlet.

2.    Press the printer’s ‘Power’ button to turn it on.

3.    Make sure the printer isn’t connected to any other device or connection, Bluetooth or cable, disconnect if it is.

4.    Now, open the printer’s menu or settings and connect it with a Wi-Fi network. Check the manual of your printer, if you don’t know how to connect it or unable to connect.

5.    After connecting printer with Wifi, take your iPad.

6.    Open ‘Settings’.

7.    Go to ‘Wi-Fi’ settings’

8.    Find the same network in the available Wi-Fi networks and tap on it.

9.    Enter the password, if prompt.

10.    Tap ‘Join.’

11.    Try to stay close to the printer.

Now, you’re ready to start taking prints.

Steps to print with AirPrint

1.    Now, open the app and locate to the location where the item is stored you want to print. To print a photo or screenshot, open the ‘Photos’ app.

2.    Open the page, document, or photo you want to print. If you’re printing an image, tap on it. Click the ‘More’ button if you want to print a web page.

3.    Now, tap ‘Share’ icon.

4.    Tap ‘Printer’ icon in the popup menu.

5.    Swipe through the app or tap ‘More’ button, if you didn’t find the print option.

6.    In the Printer Options screen, tap ‘Printer.’

7.    Tap the printer to select it for print.

8.    Customize the printing option, if your printer allows.

9.    Then, tap ‘Print’ to start printing.

Steps to stop printing

When the items are printing, you can view or cancel the print jobs from App Switcher.

To view:

•    If you want to view the print jobs, open ‘App Switcher,’ and select ‘Print Center.’

To Cancel:

•    If you want to cancel printing, open ‘App Switcher,’ select ‘Print Center,’ tap ‘Cancel Printing.’

Print with iPad without using AirPrint

•    Print n Share

If the printer you’re using doesn’t support AirPrint, here is a third-party app ‘Print n Share.’ With it, you can easily connect to any wireless printer and print anything from your iPad. It also gives you an option to connect and print through Mac with any printer.

•    Print servers (Printopia)

Another program that you can use to print via your iPad. The print servers are computer software that makes your printer discoverable to your iPad. You can install the app directly on your Mac to turn your Wi-Fi or USB printer into AirPrint enabled device.

Now, print whatever you want, documents, pages, images, screenshots, or web pages, directly from your iPad either printer support AirPrint or not.

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