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How to Change the Subscription Settings in Podcasts

Apple Podcast entertains its users with different shows which include educational, cartoons, drama or long stories, Apple podcast is the best way to keeps us entertained. You will get many Apple podcast applications, but in case you needed the important one, then Podcasts application is best for you.

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After subscribing to the favorite podcasts shows, follow the steps listed below to know how to change the subscription settings in Podcasts.

How to Subscribe to a Podcast on your iPhone or iPad?

In case you like to take a subscription to an Apple podcast on your iOS device, then you can do so by following the given steps to know how to subscribe to a podcast on your iPhone or iPad:

•    Open “Podcasts” application.

•    Click on the “Browse” option located on the end taskbar.

•    Move to the “Featured carousel” option.

•    Choose by going to the “Featured”, “Top Charts”, and “All Categories or Featured Providers” columns.

•    The users can easily read to their heart content.

•    In case you get something in which you are interested in it, then click on the “Podcast Art” for viewing the information’s and the entire shows list.

•    Click on the “Subscribe” option in case the users wish to get the notification for the new updates of the Apple podcast.

Steps for Changing Individual Subscription Settings

In case you like to change the subscription individually, then you need to open the podcast application first. Follow the steps listed below for changing individual subscription settings on the iPhone or iPad device:

•    Go to the “Podcasts” application.

•    Press on “Podcast Library” which is situated on the end taskbar for viewing the “podcast subscriptions” and ” episodes.”

•    Click on the “Apple podcast” whichever the users wish to make changes in the settings option.

•    By going to the Apple podcast information, click on the violet colored” three dots” symbol.

•    Choose the “Settings” option by going to the iPhone or iPad home-page.

When you take subscription of Apple podcast individually, then it permits its users’ too many things such as the switch in case they are subscribed or unsubscribed and it gives notification to their users about the new upcoming shows. They can also select how many shows they wish to play like the previous or current one. They will get the option of “only keeping the most recent episodes.” They can also use the modify settings option which include how to sort podcasts episodes, if the podcast episodes had downloaded, removing played Podcast episodes, increase limits of podcast episodes and how many times the Apple podcast should be restarted for upcoming episodes.

Steps for Changing Podcast Options Globally

Here are the steps listed below for changing Apple podcast options globally:

•    Go to the “Settings” option located on the iOS device.

•    Click on the “Apple Podcasts” given in the column with Music option.

•    Switch “Only Download on Wi-Fi” option in case they wish to download shows after connecting to the internet network, instead of connecting to the mobile data.

•    Press on “Refresh every” button to select how frequently the Apple podcast subscription displays the new shows.

•    Click on “Download Episodes” option.

•    Switch the “Delete Played Episodes” option in case you wish to remove the recently played shows within 24 hours.

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