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8 Tips and Tricks to Make the Most Out of Hulu

In case you are an aspiring cord cutter but do not want to let go of network television, then Hulu is the perfect solution for you. This is an amazing service for those who want to watch their favorite shows quickly after they get aired. If you have a Hulu subscription, then you should definitely read this blog to maximize your streaming experience.

8 Tips and Tricks to Make the Most Out of Hulu

Hulu tricks to enhance your experience

  • Vamp up your profile

Hulu allows its users to make a profile for all the members of the household. Well, go to the Hulu website or on the TV interface and click on the upper right-hand pull-down list and choose the option called Manage Profiles. You can set profiles for half a dozen individuals, and they can add things in their My Stuff list. This is the best way to personalize your profile.

  • Parental controls

In case you do not have any room for an extra child-friendly profile, then you can remove one and set one up with parental controls. Turn on the Kids mode after creating the profile. Now, the kids will be able to watch stuff in Hulu Kids Hub only.

  • Make your list

Do you want to stay updated with your favorite TV series? Did you see something interesting and wish to save it for later? Well, just add whatever you like to your My Stuff list. Open the show or movie and hit the + icon for adding it to the list.

  • Hulu Plus Remote Control

If you are feeling lazy and do not want to get up to pick the remote, then you can use the Hulu app as a remote. With the app, you can control videos on your gaming console, TV, etc. from iOS and Android devices.

  • Change the video quality

Do you want to increase the video quality or cut down on data use by reducing it? Well, if you are on the website, then just play the video, click the settings button and choose the quality.

  • Customize subtitles

Well, you can enable subtitles and customize them. Just click on the settings button after playing the video and choose Subtitles. Now, you can make changes to colour, font, transparency, size, etc. However, if you are on a handheld device, then you can just enable and disable subtitles.

  • Bolster your privacy

If you logged into your Hulu account on a public computer or forgot to log out before selling your device, then you can cancel the device’s access. From your desktop, visit the Hulu website, log and then press the username located at the upper right corner. Choose Account from the drop-down menu. Scroll to the Privacy and Settings section and select Protect Your Account. Now, you can protect your account by logging out of all computers.

  • Picture-in-Picture

You can use picture-in-picture mode on the desktop. Just click on the minimize option located at the lower side of the video player, and the viewer will shrink, but the video will continue to play as you navigate the interface. You can also move the picture-in-picture player on the screen and put it wherever you want.

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