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Apex Legends: A New Legend Confirmed for Season 1

Apex Legends has made its unique place in the eyes of players around the globe with its unique mechanics and different playable legendary characters for players to choose from before entering the battle.

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In its launching phase during February the Apex Legends title included a total of eight playable characters with different ability to utilize in the game. Recently Respawn confirmed the begging of a new season 1 for the game and with it came some fresh content for fans to experience different in-game interactions.

The very first season of Apex Legends included a special playable legendary charter namely Octane. Gamers could eventually unlock this avatar by purchasing it from the in-game shop.

It was believed that Octane would be the only new legendary for season 1, but with the latest hint dropped by the PlayStation Store, it is being speculated that another Legend is also on its way to be the part of Apex title.

On the official PlayStation Store, it was clearly stated under the description section of the Apex Legends  Battle Pass that a second legendary avatar would be available for Apex gamers to unlock during the new season 1 for the title.

The listing also pointed at other details like a new weapon is also going to be featured in this update of season 1. Moreover, the description also suggested that the update would also include different cosmetics for both the newly playable legendaries and the new weapon.

Players will be able to unlock these special cosmetics in Apex Legends by completing different challenges and making progress in the game. Also, season 1 would add two new items in the game which would feature complete new mechanics for players to experience in the title.

Octane was the first new character added to the title in season 1 who was not featured for free and instead required players to purchase it in the shop similar to the previous characters like Mirage and Caustic.

As per the PlayStation Store description, it was mentioned that New Legends would be included, which is stated in a plural form. Still, it is not clear that if both the new avatars would be revealed simultaneously or the team of developers at Respawn work out their one-year road map and unveil the second character later in 2019.

As of now, only one new weapon is included to the title which is the Havoc AR gun; still, it was included before the arrival of the new season 1 which makes it more likely that another different weapon is going to be featured for fans in the game.

Community members and fans have come up with various new theories and speculations with the new hint for the weapon and an additional legend, but no such confirmation is out for this tease.

Previously many determiners were successful in finding the name of Octane in the resource files of the game, and indeed it turned out to be true, and this time also many data miners have found a new character name in the asset files of the game.

It is speculated that the new playable legend would be the Wattson, who would act as a flanking unit. Still, the team of developers at Respawn have taken notice of such speculations, and on their Reddit page, Respawn has suggested gamers to not believe on every leak and theories floating around.

It will be entirely exciting to observe the fresh content for season 1 as it is expected that this new season would bring along plenty of new features for players to experience the title in a much more indulging way and immensely improve upon the player’s in-game interactions.

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