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Fortnite: New High Stake Challenges Available for LT

Fortnite fans are already working to accomplish the latest week 3 challenges and events for players to secure a Battle Star which could help players in improving their in-game tier.

The new season 8 is already exciting players with an awesome new theme and fresh content, but in addition to this, the developers at Epic Games have reintroduced the exiting High Stakes challenges for players to participate in.

Fortnite: New High Stake Challenges Available for LT

This High Stake Challenge event is based on the related season five challenges but has featured some tweaks and changes in rewards. This event is similar to previously mentioned Gateway Limited Time Event which was included in the latest 8.10 patch.

In Fortnite Gateway is a special mode that splits the group of gamers into teams of four players and assigns them the task of hunting down various chests spread across the island where players can also grab onto the unique Jewel secured inside the safe and then escape safely from the match by using the Getaway Van.

The latest High Stake Challenge event is not a very hard nut to crack as the tasks assigned during this event are quite simple to accomplish. If any gamer failed to take part in the previous season 5 High Stake event, then they have an exciting opportunity to unlock all the rewards which were awarded and in addition, can also secure some new gifts.

Below is the list of all the challenges which players will have to complete in the forthcoming High Stake Challenge event. Moreover, players can also plan out various strategies to overcome any problematic challenges before the challenge goes live.

  • In different Getaway matches, use the Grappler item.
  • In different Getaway matches, secure a Jewel.
  • Accomplish all the Getaway challenges.
  • Damage an opponent who is having a Jewel.
  • Win at least one match in Getawaymode.
  • Win three matches in Getaway mode.
  • Win five matches in Getaway mode.

All the gamers will have to accomplish the challenges mentioned above before the 19th of March to secure their rewards. Moreover, fans who wish to improve on their skins collection can opt to purchase the newly added Wild Card wrap bundles and Wild Card skin from the Fortnite’s in-game store.

So all the fans should be prepared to complete this upcoming High Stake Challenges event and try to secure the exciting rewards for themselves. Moreover, players should make sure to complete all the challenges before the end of season 8, as with the end of season 8 players will no longer be able to win the set rewards for this challenge event.

Let’s see how this new High Stakes challenge event performs amongst the fans and what new interactions will this event bring to the title. Hopefully, all the Fortnite fans will be able to complete these Limited Time Mode and secure awesome rewards for themselves.

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