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Fortnite: Guide to Complete Magnifying Glass Challenge for Season 8 Week 3

Season 8 for Fortnite has stepped into its week 3 and fans are offered with completing various new challenges in return for exciting rewards and Battle Star. One such challenge requires players to hunt for hidden treasures at the location where the magnifying glass points at on the loading screen.

Fortnite: Guide to Complete Magnifying Glass Challenge for Season 8 Week 3

This designated challenge requires players to head to the location which is hinted on the treasure map with the magnifying glass on top of the location. In order to accomplish this challenge event player will have to check out the image visible on the loading screen which has a treasure map and a magnifying glass on it.

The map has the layout of the current in-game map, and a magnifying glass is focusing directly on a specific location. Gamers will have to recognize the hinted location and visit it to receive some exclusive treasure.

The hinted location on the map is East from Frosty Flights and south-West of Polar Peaks, so players will have to visit the surrounding areas of these locations to find a hidden treasure.

To be more precise, players can directly land on the C8 coordinates to locate the required treasure which is a Battle Star. Players can win a Battle Star at the described coordinates and improve on your in-game tier which would allow them to unlock fascinating wearable cosmetics for themselves.

If players desire to unlock all the available items from the season 8 battle Pass, then players will have to make a tremendous effort to complete each and every weekly challenge for this new season.

By completing all the challenges for this new season, players will be able to grab on to the Battle Star which would help them in leveling up there Battle Pass rapidly which would unlock the latest new content.

So far season 8 has been entirely exciting for fans with dynamic content and exciting new in-game features which has provided players with excellent interactions. For instance, the newly introduced Baller vehicle allows players to travel long distances inside a hamster looking ball which prevents players from the enemy damage.

This vehicle is minimal, and players can spot them in random locations in every match. Still, this vehicle provides players with absolutely new in-game interactions as compared to previous vehicles like Stormwing or shopping cart.

 Also, the fans and community members of Fortnite are enjoying the ongoing High Stakes Challenges which are inspired from the past season 5 events. Players will have to complete all the additional events and tasks to make sure of securing a Battle Star.

Hopefully, all the Fortnite fans successfully unlock the season 8 Battle Star for themselves and effectively make progress in their Battle Pass. So all the players should make sure of locating the treasure map at the correct location and win a special Battle Star for themselves.

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