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How to Save Web Pictures on the iPad

For the iPad users, this is a very simple process to download pictures from the website to their iPad. They can save the pictures that are present in email or in the social networking applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But not every site allows the users to save the pictures to their iPad camera roll.

These types of sites are more concerned about the protection of the pictures or the sites do not have a “Save Image” option. Go through the guidelines given below to download pictures to the iPad.

How to Save Web Pictures on the iPad

Steps for Downloading Pictures to the iPad

Downloading the picture from the internet to your iPad camera roll is quite simple and difficult also when you do not get the “Save Image” option. So you can go through the instructions listed below to know how to save web pictures on the iPad.

•    Find the picture from the internet that the users wish to save on their iPad. They can download the picture with the help of the Mail application, the Safari browsing app, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

•    Move the finger on the downward direction on the picture and long press on the picture till the pull-down screen appears on the system display.

•    It only depends on the application from which the users are taking help to download the picture. In case the application they are using will allows downloading the picture, then they will get a “Save Photo” or “Save Image” button in the pull-down list.

•    They have to press on the picture that they wish to download on their device so that the picture full display gets open to get the “Save” option on the screen.

•    They will ask to give permission to the application for accessing the iPad’s camera roll as the iPad do not permit the application for saving the pictures into the “Camera Roll” till the users do not give permission to that application.

•    In case they are using the Safari browsing application as there default internet browser, then it has many options like “Open in a New Tab” or the other “Add to Reading List.” Both the options appear when the selected picture is also on the other page, they have to skip the two options mentioned above and select “Save Image” option.

Where Do You Get the Downloaded Picture?

In case the users do not have that much knowledge of their iPad photos application, then the iPad camera roll is that folder or album where all the downloaded pictures are stored.

In every device camera roll is the default application where all the captured and downloaded pictures from the internet gets saved on it.

They can open the “Camera roll” album by going to the “Photos” application, they have to click on the “Album” option located at the end and after that, press the “Camera Roll” option.

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