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Fortnite: Epic Games Reveals Final Teaser for Season 8

Season 8 for Fortnite is almost on the horizon and fans are eagerly waiting for the new season to be revealed.

With the ongoing release of teasers and hints on daily bases, Epic Games have revealed a new teaser image for fans which hints on what future content is about to be included to the title for season 8.

Fortnite: Epic Games Reveals Final Teaser for Season 8

Although many community members and fans were expecting the last teaser for season 8 to be much more exciting and revealing as compared to previous teasers, still this new teaser features a half-peeled banana skin.

It would not be wrong to say that many fans would not be very hyped with this new teaser especially when the previous teasers which showcased angry cobra and a beast which would be available to interact with in the upcoming season 8.

After the release of the teaser, players and fans have come up with various theories surrounding the half-peeled banana skin.

Some suggest that this skin would be the part of season 8 cosmetics and freshly introduced in-game content, while others are speculating that possibly this skin would be available as a reward for completing first week challenges in season 8.

It is all speculations yet, but it is quite likely to experience this half-peeled banana as a future in-game content for players to use as a wearable item.

This would not be a first fruit based wearable as Fortnite has also introduced fruit based skins and it seems players can obtain this skin with the upcoming season.

Moreover, the upcoming season is expected to bring along a whole slew of new content ranging from map layout to the wearable items. Still, Fortnite developers have kept their lips sealed and are teasing very few details by posting images to their Tweeter account.

Fans are very excited for season 8 as it is expected to feature entirely different in-game interactions with a new pirate based theme for players to enjoy.

Also, a devastating earthquake is expected to occur in the initial week of season 8 which would plausibly split the main island into numerous mini islands which will provide fans with an entirely new landscape.

And the ongoing rumors for a new vehicle is also on the rise amongst the Fortnite fans, and it is believed that this new vehicle could be a ship or a boat which would complement with the upcoming pirate theme.

Players have a lot of expectations with this new season, and they are eager to experience it as soon as possible. Hopefully, Fortnite will please their fan base with exciting and indulging fresh content and provide players with a whole new dynamics for the title.

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