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Pokemon GO: How to Win Against Latias?

All the Trainers of Pokémon GO who have previously missed out on catching a Latias for themselves have an exciting opportunity to grab onto this Dragon/Psychic type legendary to their team.

 Those who are looking forward to having a unique shiny Latias should plan before, as the raid battle against this dragon type monster is going to be quite challenging.

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The CP for Latias raid boss can reach up to 48,080 and its CP to catch this Pokémon can go up to 2,507 at level 25 with 100% IV in the windy weather. For level 20 with 100% can be up to 1921 but making sure that no weather boost is provided.

Such monsters Pokémon will require at least three leveled up players to beat it, still, if you want to eliminate this beast certainly, then assembling a team of seven players will assure victory.

Latias have some interesting moves to deal with, and you can refer to the list below to make sure of all the moves sets for this Pokémon.

•    Psychic (A Psychic type move).

•    Outrage (A Dragon type move).

•    Thunder (A Electric type move).

•    Zen Headbutt (Quick Psychic type move).

•    Dragon Breath (Quick Dragon type move).

One of the hardest attacks to counter against Latias is the Dragon Breath or Dragon Outrage. To counter such aggressive attacking Pokémon, it is best suited to choose a dark or Ghost-type Pokemon.

Selection of Pokémon type will play a key role in determining your success, so try to make sure that you don’t head to the battle with a flying, bug or rock type Pokémon. The best bet to counter this monster is to bring along a Ghost or Dark type Pokémon which can defend or evade from the incoming attacks.

One of the critical factors to keep in mind is the Windy Weather in the game, as the Windy Weather immensely boosts the CP for this pocket monster. But it’s not all the way terrible for trainers as Windy Weather also increases catch CP for Latias.

Latias also have its weaknesses which can be manipulated during the raid battle to defeat it. Various Dragon, Dark, Ghost and Fairy, and Ice-type moves can prove to be very useful counters against Latias, so choosing Pokémon with such move sets can be very helpful in beating this pocket monster.

Trainers can assure their victory if they lay out an effective plan and execute it during the raid battle. Also assembling a team with your friends can prove to be much more effective against Latias, so make sure to have a specific game plan, and you will surely be able to catch a shiny Latias for yourself.

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