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Fortnite: How to Receive the Heartspan Glider for Free

Fortnite is currently hosting special Valentine’s Day Events, and fans are entirely dedicated to complete all the challenges to receive awesome Valentine’s themed rewards.

These Overtime Challenges are included in the game so that players spend their time in the game before season 8 arrives as season 7 has come to a halt.

In addition to the new Valentine’s Day event, players can also avail a new Heartspan glider and that too for free. Although the glider is free for all the players, but there is a catch behind it.

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Players can only get the glider if someone gifts it to them, yes the Heartspan glider can only be used if some other player gifts it to you and you can also gift it to another player. But the Heartspan glider can be gifted once and in order to gift the glider players are required to enable two-factor authentication.

To enable the two-factor authentication, players are required to access their Epic Games account and choose authentication and then authenticate by selecting any of the two options.

The first option is for authentication is through email and the second is through authenticator app. Once the authentication process is complete, then the player can choose the person that they want to gift the Heartspan glider.

Once you select the player of your choice,  the glider will be sent to them, but if you want to receive the glider than you will have to coordinate with one of your friends so that you both can send the glider to each other.

This Heartspan glider will be available for limited time only, so players should try to convince their friends, to gift each other the glider as soon as possible after completing the authentication process.

Epic Games is planning a lot of new content for players, and the upcoming season 8 will surely be one of the best seasons for Fortnite fans. Also, a catastrophic earthquake is also on its way to impact the in-game map and create new landscapes for players to enjoy.

Fans and players are eager for the new season as it will also introduce a world war II weapon. Players are all set to experience the new season, and anticipated earthquakes as small cracks have even started to occur on the map.

Let’s see what new content will be revealed with this new season 8, but till then fans are enjoying the ongoing overtime challenges to experience the Valentines themed Fortnite gameplay.

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