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Fortnite: How to Receive Season 8 Battle Pass for Free

Epic Games is successful in generating a lot of traction for Fortnite by including new challenges and events on a regular base.

But as currently season 7 has come to an end and season 8 has still some days left to begin, players across the globe have a golden opportunity to grab on to a free Battle Pass.

Fortnite: How to Receive Season 8 Battle Pass for Free

In Fortnite, Battle Pass can be either bought by spending V-bucks in-game currency, which can be earned through Battle Royale or Save the World Mode. Another means to receive Battle Pass is through spending real money (about $10), which not every individual would like to spend.

But with the upcoming season 8, Epic Games is providing a golden opportunity for every player to grab on to a new Battle Pass for themselves, and that too absolutely free.

As currently season 8 is not released, so players have some Overtime challenges to go through, the successful accomplishment of these Overtime challenges is the key to free Battle Pass.

Also, it is assured players to save their V-bucks and real cash and instead utilize them for other purchases in the game. Players will require to log in on a regular basis and complete the daily Overtime Challenge.

Players will have to complete all the Overtime 13 challenges from February 14th to February 27th in order to receive a Battle Pass. Developers at Epic Games added these new free Battle Pass events for filling the gap between the two seasons to keep the players engaged.

Some of the Overtime Challenges will also provide players with new and dynamic skins and their styles which can be used by players to make their avatar look much more interesting.

 The Overtime Challenges are not very difficult or unachievable, instead of by overviewing the three already live challenges many players consider these challenges to be one of the easiest challenges ever introduced to the title.

Challenges like collect fifteen coins on Creative Islands or spotting seven boxes of ammo or chest are quite easy to complete. Rather may reviewers believe that Fortnite wants to diver players from newly introduced Apex Legends which is giving a severe competition to PUBG and Fortnite.

With all the new Earthquake scenarios and excitement for the arrival of season 8, players have a golden opportunity to grab on to a Battle Pass with such easy and fun challenges.

What is yet to be seen is how the new season 8 would impact the gameplay for fans and what more interesting content is on its way for Fortnite players.

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