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Fortnite: How to Locate the Motel and RV Park

Fortnite has recently ended its season 7 with a lot of successful events, challenges, and themes for fans to enjoy and indulge with the title.

As season 7 came to an end, community members have started to speculate new theories, events, and tasks for season 8.

Epic Games includes new challenges for every new week of a season, but currently, as season 7 has ended and season 8 has some time for its release, players are enjoying new Overtime Challenges to fill the time gap between the two seasons.

Currently the week one has commenced, and players have a golden opportunity to grab a battle star as all the players can take part in these events, regardless of having a battle pass or not.

This week’s Overtime Challenge requires players to open up seven chests or ammo box at Motel or RV Park. Players who are regular to Fortnite would easily locate these two locations as they are some of the oldest locations which didn’t get hampered from the map changes.

 These two places managed to survive for the past seven seasons with some minor damage from comets and dimensional rifts. The Motel is situated at the west of Lazy Links and north-east from the Pleasant Park near the D2 quadrant on the map.

It is easy to locate chest and ammo crates near this location, and the gold chests are readily available at the truck and alongside the pool.

Ammo chests are available mostly inside the houses, and small sheds and the golden chest are mostly atop of buildings and especially on the second floor. Although this location is calm and does not involve much combat, due to the central location for the task, this place will be mostly occupied, so bear in mind to thoroughly scan the surroundings before looting the crates.

Because it is very likely that a squad or two may be camping nearby to eliminate any possible suspect, so planning before will surely be a smart move.

The RV park is located near the south-west of Lonely Lodge and North-east of Retail Row. This site is filled with mini houses and RVs all across, and players can look for chest and ammo with ease as the location has plenty of available resources.

This week challenges are believed to be easy to accomplish and less challenging as they are meant to attract as many players as possible to compensate for the delay in season 8. Let’s see, what more events will be available for fans in the future.

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