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Apex Legends: Players Faces Connection Issues, Developers Working on Fix

Respawn Entertainment has successfully created a remarkable impact on the battle royale community by introducing players with Apex Legends a new addition to this genre.

Apex Legends - Players Faces Connection Issues, Developers Working on Fix

Within a span of a week since its launch, Apex Legends has successfully managed to attract 10 million users and has reached a commendable milestone in such a short duration.

But currently, players are facing some connection issues which is hindering the gameplay for both PC and console users. The team of developers at Respawn are in full force and trying to resolve this connectivity issue.

It is believed that servers of Apex Legends are currently unable to support such heavy traffic which is resulting for long waiting times and connectivity issue for the game.

This connection issue was first observed during Saturday morning and was hampering the game till the late afternoon. Gamers were in acquaintance with the issue of getting removed from ongoing matches and falling to connect to the lobby.

Still, this issue is not faced by all the players, as many users are able to have great gameplay without any hindrance. Still, the official Apex Legends Twitter account posted a tweet addressing the issue.

The tweet suggested that there is some issue which is affecting all the platforms for Apex Legends and resulting in connection issues for a lot of users.

Further, they apologized for such inconvenience for the gamers and assured that the issue would be resolved shortly as the dedicated team of developers is on to restore the problem.

Later another tweet posted by the Apex Legend assured the gamers that the recovery for the game is in full swing for consoles. They also suggested that PC players would have to wait a little longer as the current recovery process is underway for PC users.

The primary cause of this connectivity issue is not known yet, but still, it is believed that such abnormal functionality is experienced due to the tremendous popularity of this newly launched title.

As Apex Legends is recently released and already crossed the 10 million mark, the servers failed to assist such vast numbers and it faced such issues on Saturday. As a lot of players tried to join the game on weekends, the amount of traffic on servers was unbearable which resulted in gamers experiencing irregular connection.

The developer team now has to plan for the next week and hopefully this time no such glitches shall be experienced by the gamers, as it would affect the goodwill of Apex Legends if such an issue continues.

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