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How to Verify Your YouTube Channel

Once you create a channel on YouTube, it means you have to verify that channel. The verification will be done through your mobile number; you will receive a confirmation code from YouTube. After confirming your account, you can post a video on YouTube.

How to Verify Your YouTube Channel

YouTube allows users to make their videos and post on their channels. You have to create an account by entering the full name, date of birth, recovery email address and password. After that, it will send a verification code in your recovery email address or mobile number, enter that code into the given section. Then you can upload as many videos as per your wish.

The viewers will trust your channel only when they see a verification badge on your channel on YouTube. It will increase the popularity of your brand and help you to get more likes on it.

How to Verify your YouTube channel?

  • Open the verification page to verify your YouTube channel.
  • In case you agree on the eligibility criteria after that press Contact Flow option.
  • Tap Email Support and complete all the details.
  • Choose Yes option given in the verification page and after checking the entire details click “Submit” button.

What Is the Meaning of Verifying the YouTube Channel?

Verifying the YouTube channel mean to become a valid user of YouTube so that you can easily promote your brands by making videos and the verification badge will show the other users that you are an authorized user of YouTube.

This verifying process does not mean that YouTube has a new feature. Verifying your account only means to show your brand a authorize brand of YouTube user. This means all the other users believe the brand in your YouTube channel.

Go through the given steps to check the verification badge on your channel:

  • Click “Setting” application in the YouTube channel.
  • Press the “Status and Feature” option.
  • After that, you can check the status of your channel.
  • In case the account gets verified, a bold option “Verifies” appears on the right side of the brand name.

Tips for Verifying Your YouTube Channel.

If you have many followers in your channel, it doesn’t mean that the YouTube will provide you with the verification badge. So if you want to get the verification badge on your YouTube channel, then follow the given steps:

Create a Brand

If you link your site with your YouTube channel, this means it is promoting your brand and making your channel look more trustworthy when the other users review your account. You require an attractive brand so that YouTube provides you with the verification badge on your account.

No Black Marking

Make sure that there is no black marking in your YouTube channel as it will give the wrong impression to the viewers of your account, and it becomes difficult to get a verified badge.

A Good Quality Video Should be Posted Daily

Don’t use the content whose quality is not as good as it does not attract other users to visit your channel. You have to show your channel with a good reputation and trustworthy so that you can get the verification badge.


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