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How to Stop Auto-Play Music in Car Bluetooth

Every car has a feature of Bluetooth system which plays wireless through your iOS device.You can Auto-play the songs stored on your iOS device or from another music application. In case you don’t like to Auto-play the songs in your car then you can disable it with your iPhone.Most of the car speaker has a music setting which let you disable the Autoplay function from your car. Every car speaker has different settings so the steps will also be different to disabling the auto play feature.

How to Stop Auto-Play Music in Car Bluetooth

Go through the car speaker setting or audio setting or sound setting or any another setting option in your car which is connected through Bluetooth auto-play sound, Auto play audio or some other option.

  1. Go Through Your Car Setting to Search for Auto-Play Option.

Autoplay option in your car will depend on the model number of the car; every car has a different set of auto-playing music. You will get this option in different place of each car. Instead of checking the iOS device, you should check your car setting first.

In case you don’t find any option of auto-play music in the car, then you will see an option of sound volume up and down setting, this option volume down the Auto play audio.

  1. Tell the iOS Device to Stop Auto-Play Music

As the iOS device will play the last songs you had played earlier which are stored on the history of the song, in case you are listening to music from any application then the car speaker trying to play songs from that application.

Some steps are there to make the iOS device away from the auto play music feature.

How to Disable CarPlay?

In case your Bluetooth speaker does not work with CarPlay, click on the restrictions column so that you can turn off the auto play function easily. In case you depend on CarPlay service, then it will be not a suitable route for you.

In case you still want to turn off the CarPlay, then follow the given steps:

  • Once you enter your car, go to the Settings application.
  • Click General.
  • Press Restrictions option.
  • Choose to turn on Restrictions option.
  • Type the passcode.
  • Enter that passcode again.
  • Disable the CarPlay button.

How to Disable CarPlay in iPhone 12

In iPhone 12, you will get the application restrictions option in the Screen Time column. If you want to disable CarPlay in your iPhone 12 then follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to Settings application on the iPhone 12.
  • Press Screen Time menu.
  • Click Content and Privacy restrictions option.
  • Type the Screen Time Passcode.
  • Click Allowed Applications.
  • Toggle CarPlay disable.


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