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Getting Started With Dropbox

In our busy life’s we don’t have that much time to find our essential documents in a different folder or place. So here Dropbox will help you to get rid out of it. It will create only one folder to keep your document in one place. You will get all of your documents together in one file. As Dropbox comes with new functions which include scanning all of your documents, sharing office files to your colleagues, using it offline and many other.

getting started with dropbox

Dropbox gives you a free trial of thirty days when you start using the app in your iPhone. The membership of it can be taken for one year or a month only. If you want to stop its membership, you have to go to its cancellation page and after some time if you’re going to use it again, then you can start it from your iTunes ID.

Dropbox comes with a new function which is pressing at only one time to share your documents to others. You don’t have to update Dropbox regularly, and it will automatically get an update.  When you take subscription of Dropbox Plus, this will give your only one terabyte space but making it as for professional use it will give your two terabyte space.

  1. Make an Account
  • Open its official website

It will show you the logging page of Dropbox.

  • In case you have an account in Dropbox, go to the next page.
  • Enter the required details.

Type all your details in the right corner of the screen:

  • Username.

Write your full name here which you like to see as your username.

  • Email address.

Write the current email ID you are using, and this will be your login email ID of Dropbox.

  • Protected Password.

Put a password which is secure in the password box. This password will be your logging password.

  • Go through the terms and condition given on the last.

After entering you are all detail click to agree with the terms and condition of Dropbox to create an account.

  • Press Sign Up for free option.

This option is of the azure colour tab in the end. By completing this step, it will make your account in Dropbox.

  1. Accessing Dropbox Online
  • Go to the website.

Open on your system It will give you the front page of Dropbox which is signing up.

  • In case you are a user of Dropbox account, Write your full email ID and your protected password in the given column, after that press Login to go to the next step.
  • Look at “My Files” display.

No document will be left on that folder, and this will be the page in which you get all the documents after saving it.

  • Go through the various options.

It is located on the left side of the window.

  • Documents sharing.

All the documents which you permit to show Dropbox another user to see your shared documents will come on this folder.

  • Pending document.

 Go through the request that you had text to other email ID for getting permission to save that document. In the document request folder, you can view that files.

  • Recovery documents.

You can see those documents which you had removed from the Dropbox in the previous month. You can restore that document with one month otherwise it will remove completely from your device.

  • Check that the “My files” menu is open on your screen.

After pressing on the given options, tap “My files” in the left side on the screen to go back to the previous page.


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