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How to Remove Pandora Subscription

You can cancel Pandora more easily through Pandora’s own application and on Pandora official website too.  In case you are an already member of Pandora subscription, make sure to cancel your membership from Pandora first before removing your account from Pandora. If you are not able to cancel your membership of Pandora, your subscription still gets continued, and money gets deducted from your account on a monthly basis.

How to Remove Pandora Subscription

In case you login in Pandora for premium membership through your iOS device, then the payment is come from iTunes, not from Pandora application. If you are using your Android app to log in for your Pandora membership, then the charges will be given by the Google Play Store.

If you remove Pandora application from your gadget, it will not cancel your paid membership and also not remove your ID from the Pandora.

Below the steps are given to cancel the membership of Pandora going through the steps, and by following it, you will successfully delete all your subscriptions.

Steps for Cancelling Pandora Premium Membership on Apple devices:

In case you are listening to Pandora on your Apple devices, then go through the given guidelines to know what the ways of cancelling your Premium membership.

•    Go to the iTunes application on your system or your Apple device.

•    Press on Settings by opening iTunes and App store and after that choose your Apple email address.

•    Press on the given Apple email ID address. In case you are already not a member there, you will ask first to put your email ID and secured password.

•    Choose Subscriptions and after that press on Pandora option.

•    Tap on Cancel Subscription option.

Steps for Cancelling Pandora Premium Membership on Android gadgets:

On your Android gadgets, you use Pandora there; you have to cancel your membership with the help of Google Play Store.

•    Sign Up your account on Google on the website of Google Play Store.

•    On the given menu list which is situated on the left, Press on My Subscriptions option.

•    Tap on Pandora

•    Click Cancel Subscription option.

Steps for Cancelling Pandora Premium Membership on Computer and Mac:

If you are a user of Pandora on Computer or Mac, by signing in on the Pandora you can cancel your membership with the help of their original sites.

•    Signing in on the official website, press on the picture of your profile.

•    Press on Settings option.

•    Press on Subscriptions.

•    Choose Switch Plans.

•    Select Cancel Subscription option.

•    The option will appear of typing your username and password to verify your cancel process.

Steps for Cancelling Pandora Premium on Roku

In case Roku is your tool of listening to Pandora, then you can cancel your membership of Pandora on your television.

•    Enable Television and Roku

•    Find for the Pandora application symbol.

•    On the front page of Roku. But remember to not press on it.

•    On the menu list, press on Manage Subscriptions option.

•    Select Cancel Subscription option

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