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Best Apps for Chromebook in 2019

Chromebook is considered to be not capable of offering equaling performance and features as compared to its competitors.  As Chrome OS does not support the variety of functions that MacOS or Windows provide, it is considered inferior to them.

Best Apps for Chromebook in 2019But there are a number of applications available to satisfy the requirements of a Chromebook user. You can find a number of apps given below that will improve your Chromebook experience.

1- Remote Desktop by Chrome

 Chrome Remote Desktop application is one of the most preferred apps to access any other system using your Google browser. You require providing permission to access any computer that is linked with Google browser.

You can share files with your friends, colleague or family members who can be at the next door or any other part of the world. It becomes convenient to share and receive important files and documents in just a few moments.

2- Spotify Application

Spotify is a complete solution for music lovers. By availing this application on your Chromebook, you can create a whole new setup for your favourite albums and songs.

Through Spotify, you can create your favourite playlist and can get access to all the old and latest songs to choose from. Although you will have to view various advertisements floating around in the app, it can be compensated by singing along your favourite songs.

3- Gmail Offline Application

Gmail Offline app is one of the necessary applications that you must have on your Chromebook. It helps you access your emails when there is no internet connection and provides features to create drafts which can automatically be sent when an internet connection is accessible again.

This app helps the Chromebook users to access emails during the availability of internet connection, as it saves all the collected files and mails to let the users use it when there is no connection available.

4- Clipchamp Application

This application helps in recording HTML5 video for compressing and converting them to make quick uploads on Facebook, YouTube and various other platforms. It provides various other features such as editing videos and rendering videos created by you or any other developer.

5- Numerics Calculator and Converter Application

Although there is an inbuilt Calculator in Chromebook, if you are looking for some advanced calculations to undergo with or you regularly require using a calculator, then you can opt for this application to accommodate any scientific calculations.

6- Webcam Toy Application

Webcam Toy provides robust support to the built-in camera in Chromebook. It gives very dynamic and clear images to create a collage or for sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

There is a range of filters and editing options to choose from. You can create group images or click your pictures and share them with your friends.

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