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Review your 2018 Instagram Colour Palette with the Year of Colour App

Year of Colour is a web-based application created by Stef Lewandowski. Lewandowski, a technologist and designer who lives in the UK, created this application that summarizes the complete colour schemes of the users’ Instagram posts of last year and sums them into a compilation of round concept-based circles.

Review your 2018 Instagram Colour Palette with the Year of Colour App

This web-based app makes use of AI to select the well-received IG pictures on the profile and then compiles the pictures to just a few shades after choosing the most striking and vivid colors.

For instance, if a picture of pale tinted orange colored sunset has the most number of “hearts”, then a big orange circle will represent the distinct orange shade. According to the app creator, his spouse, Emily Quinton, is the inspiration behind this application. She is the founder of Makelight which is an encouraging community for creative folks to learn in a positive manner. Makelight assists and persuades people to create their creative lives via motivational posts and other similar stuff.

How does Year of Colour application work?

Are you wondering how this application functions? Well, if you want to use it, then follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, open any updated web browser.
  • Now, navigate to
  • Click on the green “Sign in with Instagram” button.

Note: your Instagram account needs to be public.

  • After logging in, you need to choose the timeframe.
  • Now, wait for the outcome.
  • After receiving the color overview, return to the upper part of the webpage.
  • Now, you shall be able to view sliders and other options to assist you to get a better visualization of the data compilation.
  • The colour circles can be filtered according to their significance.
  • They can also be filtered by vibrancy. This refers to the shares that are the brightest in the top posts, and it excludes the dull shades.

You will get fresh and novel outcomes whenever you make any changes in the dials or sliders. You can also organize the color dots. You can select a timeframe. For instance, you can make the posts of February 2K18 show up in the centre and the ones in April 2K18 show up on the edges. You can also organize them by the number of likes or the significance of the color.

The results can be quite addictive. The creator has said that their prints might hit the shelves in due time.

The flipside of Year of Color is that the users are not capable of configuring the colour scheme of other Instagram users. They can just configure the hue schemes of their individual profiles.

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