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How to Screen Share with iDevices to Get Remote Control Access

If you know somebody who is encountering issues on their iDevices, or simply wishes you to see something unusual that is happening on their gadget, then screen sharing is your saviour. If you have sound technical knowledge, then your needy friends might ask you to fix their devices. What happens when you do not wish to visit them in person? Well, you can control other devices remotely with the help of screen sharing. In this blog, we will discuss the different ways to share screens on iOS and Mac devices.

How to Screen Share with iDevices to Get Remote Control Access

FaceTime Calling

Rather than giving instructions over calls, you can just ask the other individual to answer a FaceTime call from another iPhone or iPad and then point the camera to the iDevice they need to fix. While you will not be able to get the remote control, you will at least be able to view the other device and then easily guide the concerned individual. If you are trying to tell your old grandmother how to log into Facebook, then FaceTiming is the way to go. You can easily teach her how to locate the app and sign in using the credentials.

Record the Screen on iPhones and iPads

If for any reason, the above mentioned workaround is not feasible, then you can ask the other individual to record their iPhone screen and share it with you. If the person is unable to explain the issue or wants to show you what is wrong with the phone, and you are currently unavailable, then this solution is perfect. You can just have the individual send you the screen recording, and you can view it when the time permits.

Share Screens from Macs

It is quite easy to fix things for others when you can remotely control the device. Here is how you can share your Mac screen:

  1. Go to Spotlight.
  2. Look up Screen Sharing.
  3. Open it.
  4. Now, in the next prompt, you need to enter the hostname or Apple ID of the individual you wish to connect to.
  5. The individual will receive an invite.
  6. When they accept the invite, they need to choose the screen sharing controls.
  7. They can either permit the user to control the screen fully or choose the user just to observe the screen.
  8. After selecting Control my screen option, they need to click on the Accept button.

One can also share screens via Messages. Here’s how:

  1. Open Messages.
  2. Click on any conversation.
  3. Now, press the Details button in the upper right-hand edge.
  4. Press the share button.
  5. Choose any option from the drop-down menu.

Share Screens on Phones and iPads

  1. Send an invitation to the individual you wish to share the screen with.
  2. Now, attach a lightning cable to your iPhone and connect the other end to the Mac.
  3. Go to the Dock.
  4. Click on QuickTime.
  5. Go to File.
  6. Select New Movie Recording.
  7. Press the arrow icon beside the record option.
  8. Choose the iPhone’s name.

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