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How to Fix Common Dorm Room Tech Issues

School has always been a complicated phenomenon. Issues with technology just make it staler. There are chances that the users heavily rely on gadgets and systems (as in schools). There are increased chances of hitting a snag. You may surprise yourself by knowing how many problems you can troubleshoot on your own. When you know how to fix things by yourself, you won’t have to rely on others. Your dorm experience does not need to be ruined because of internet issues, you can easily make some changes and restore your internet speed and get a better wi-fi range. Here are some tips:

Spotty Wi-Fi Connections

Many of the colleges have eccentric Wi-Fi connections; you can’t rely upon them. Not having an internet connection at school will interfere with your daily working. You can attach USB adaptor to USB ports to get a swift Wi-Fi in a room. You can even connect an antenna if adapter permits to. Tried everything out? If you are still struggling, then you can install your own router to start the Wi-Fi from the dorm. Just plug in Ethernet cable from wall to the router and build in your private network.

Note– Many universities restrict adding users to the current network. You need to contact them and take an approval first.

The slow speed of the Internet

  1. There are more than thousands of devices that use the same internet at once. This is probably the most significant reason that marks its slow speed despite the Wi-Fi interruptions and weakens connections. Speed is also determined by bandwidth.
  2. Users should also get into the habit of doing one thing at once. If you have put something on downloading then don’t watch another video with it. Performing two activities at a single time will make the speed slower. Your phone can also be used as a hotspot. But ensure that you have unlimited data on.

Applications do not Run on your system

Usually, specific software is assigned for the students to use. You must have a got a website during your college time. Ensure the operation of your system before installing software. Perhaps you require to install CAD app; it needs a Windows operating system. Ensure that the browsers and operating systems are up to date and have the latest features. Updating the software is way too easy, and the results are amazing.

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