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How to Stop Being a Subscriber of Xbox Live

Xbox keeps you entertained, and you can play Xbox games by taking a subscription of Xbox. Xbox is not a free application, but it will provide the opportunity to play many games on it. But if you are not using the Xbox subscription, then you are just wasting your money as the company will continuously ask you to renew your subscription. So go through the cancellation process of your Xbox subscription so that you can stay away from the charges they apply.

How to Stop Being a Subscriber of Xbox Live

What Are the Steps to Cancel Xbox Live?

You don’t have to call the customer service to cancel your Xbox subscription; you can access the Xbox site which will be the easiest method for you. The official website of Xbox helps you to cancel the subscription instantly, and also you can get refunds of that subscription which were not used at that point.

Go through the given steps to cancel your subscription online:

  • Visit the official website and then sign in to your account of Microsoft that is linked with Xbox subscription account.
  • Choose the profile logo on the top-right side of the screen.
  • Choose Subscriptions option.
  • Search for the Xbox Subscription Gold column which is situated on the Services and subscriptions screen.
  • Choose Manage option, and you will get this on the Xbox Subscription Gold column.
  • Search for the Payment and billing column.
  • Choose Cancel option.
  • Click on the cancel subscription option if you want to cancel it instantly after that choose Next tab.
  • Choose to verify cancellation process.

How to Disable Xbox Live Auto-Renewal

You can disable Xbox live subscription automatically, in case you don’t remember to canceling it. This disabling setting will help you to play games later on by not wasting subscription money when you are not using it. You can enable it anytime when you wanted to play it again.

Disabling the Xbox Live auto-renewal helps you to cancel your subscription, and after canceling it, you have the option of stopping it for the further payments. After disabling the subscription, you can still use your subscription until the ending date of that service.

The steps are listed below to disable Xbox Live auto-renewal:

  • Go to the Xbox website.
  • Click on sign in the Xbox Live account which is connected to your Microsoft account.
  • Pick profile symbol, located in the right side of the system.
  • Pick the option of Subscription.
  • Choose Change tab.
  • Pick to disable billing setting.
  • Choose the cancellation option.

Repercussions of Cancelling an Xbox Live Subscription

Some of the listed things will occur after canceling your Xbox Live subscription:

  • No changes will be seen when you cancel your subscription or disable it instantly. You can still enjoy all Xbox Live functions till the last date of your subscription did not come.
  • Once you cancel your Xbox Live subscription and after getting cash back from it, you will instantly stop using all Xbox functions like playing videos, voice messaging, and gaming.

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