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How to Get Famous on TikTok

TikTok is amongst the most popular applications nowadays; the users can make videos on jokes, movies songs, dialogues to entertain their friends and relatives. These TikTok videos can be posted on many social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. The new updated version of TikTok comes with a new feature like you can add many stickers, emojis, photos filters, songs for your videos, etc.

TikTok is a short video made by the users and many users are getting popular through this application. You can use this application in your free time and increase many followers by doing so. The charge of the TikTok application costs nothing, and you can make free videos on this.

The videos you had made will automatically get saved on your TikTok app folder, and you can also download that video when you need to upload on your Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Here are some of the tips to get more fans and likes on your TikTok account:

1- Profile Picture

The first this you should work on is your profile photo. Make sure you should have a nice-looking profile photo with good posture, beautiful background and with most attracting stuff. You can apply many exciting features to look more attractive. You can get all these filters on the TikTok app itself, or you can download no crop application from the Google Play Store. The profile photo is the first thing which was seen by all the users of TikTok and if your profile photo attracts them than they will like to follow you.

2- Use #Hashtags

Posting a video with many hashtags will be more interesting for the viewers for getting more likes. You can search on the Internet for the most famous hashtags and put it on your TikTok video if the content is same. Not only on videos, put hashtags on your photos too so that viewers get to know that you had enjoyed a lot. You should at least put four to six hashtags on your photos and videos.

3- Try to make a unique video

You should post the creative content of your video on any of the social networking sites. Instead of making videos with your family or friends, you should show your own talent to the viewers which will further help you to get success in your future.

4- Featured music

There might be some possibilities of not getting likes on your video because of the quality you have on your video music. The music of the video should be smooth and precise. Choose the best song and recording from the music album and create a pleasurable video.

5- Featured videos

The quality of the video should be good. While making the video, scenery should be matched with the thing you want to show in your video, and the video sound should not contain any disturbing content.

6- The regularity of your vide

 Posting videos daily will increase your visibility and fan following your TikTok account. Make an effort to post two or three videos every day. This will show your availability on social networking sites.

7- Try to comment on other users post.

 Go through the user’s accounts that have the same content of the video as per yours and comment on that user’s posts that have many followers as compared to you. This will help you to get more fans following as the followers of that users will see your posted comment on their videos.

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