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Complete Guide to Using AirPods as Hearing Aids

Apple is mostly the leader and forerunner when it comes to new technologies and innovation. Apple’s AirPods are one-of-its-kind devices that offer amazing sound quality and are completely wireless. But, did you know that they can also be used as hearing aids? Apple offered Live Listen for AirPods, and it enabled users to use the earphones as hearing aids. While it cannot substitute actual hearing aids, it does help users with hearing challenges listen to stuff in a more explicit fashion. If you have a bit of hearing difficulty, then follow the steps given below and learn how to use AirPods as hearing aids.

Connect the AirPods to any iOS device

  1. Firstly, you need to unlock the iOS device.
  2. After that, place the AirPods near the iOS device.
  3. In a couple of moments, you will see Not Your AirPods prompt appear on display.
  4. Now, hit the Connect button at the bottom of the prompt.
  5. When the AirPods get connected, you will see the message stating Done.
  6. Hit the Done button.
  7. Turn on Live Listening
  8. Go to the iOS device.
  9. Scroll the apps, and locate Settings.
  10. Tap on the Settings app to open it.
  11. Now, navigate the options in the menu, and select Control Center.
  12. In the next screen, hit the Customize Controls option.
  13. Go to the More controls section.
  14. Select Hearing from the list of options.
  15. You will now be able to access Live Listening via the Control Center.

How to use Live Listen while conversing?

  1. Firstly, you have to bring up the Control Center on your iOS device.
  2. iPhone X owners need to slide downwards from the upper right-hand edge of the display. Remaining iOs device owners need to slide upwards from the bottom of the display.
  3. Now, just long press the audio tile located at the upper right-hand edge of the Control Center.
  4. Press the Sound option.
  5. This option is triangular in shape with many circular lines. It is located at the upper right-hand edge of the display.
  6. Now, you need to choose the AirPods.
  7. All the sound of the iOS device shall now be emitted via the AirPods.
  8. Touch the empty area on display to go back to the Control Center.
  9. Just touch the Live Listen option. It resembles an ear outline and is located at the lower portion of the Control Center.
  10. Now, hit the Live Listen option and turn it on.
  11. Make sure that the lower area of the iOS device is aimed at the voice of the individual you wish to hear. Ensure that you are extremely close to where the sound is coming from. Point the mic towards the source.
  12. The iOS device shall filter a majority of unrelated noise and sound so that the user can listen to the sound in a better way.
  13. With the help of volume buttons, one can raise or lower the volume.
  14. Turn off the Live Listen feature when done. In order to switch it off, go to the Control Center and hit the Live Listen option. Turn it off from there.

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