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How to ‘Turn On’ Skype Calling with Amazon Alexa App?

Good news for all Skype users, now you can get the two to team up for making Skype calling with Amazon Alexa app up to almost 150 countries around the world. Now, Microsoft has brought this Skype calling service to Alexa enabled devices which starting with the Amazon Echo range.

Microsoft new service comes with 100 free minutes of calling per month for almost two months. However, you just need to do is link your Skype account with your Amazon Alexa app. however, you don’t even need to do anything extra to activate the free calling minutes.

How to ‘Turn On’ Skype Calling with Amazon Alexa App?

So, before starting to use it, you must have to link together your Skype and Amazon account. Here take a look, how you can do it.

Enable Skype Calling with Alexa 

  1. Navigate to “Amazon Alexa app” and then you need to enter your “Email ID or Mobile number and password.”
  2. Ensure that you have signed up for “Alexa communications.” And if you have not touched the speech bubbles at the bottom of the screen to start signing in.
  3. Once completed, your Alexa communication will automatically be enabled.
  4. Now, it will redirect you to the Communication screen where you can see three options:
  • Message
  • Call
  • Drop In
  1. Alternatively, you can connect to your Echo device for a chat by saying ‘Alexa drop in.’
  2. If needed, then you can manage the ‘Drop In’ settings through contact card. While the Drop-In will always be using interactions with Alexa and motion sensors on the Echo Show and it will allow your household members to know that recently you have active.
  3. After that, enable Skype calling with Alexa, you will need to link Skype to your Amazon account in the Alexa app. for this, you have to open the Alexa app and choose a Menu option from there.
  4. Then, Choose the “Settings” icon.
  5. Now, under “Alexa Preferences,” select “Communications” option.
  6. Then, from “Account” section, choose “Skype.”
  7. Now, click on the “Sign In” option to sign into Skype.
  8. When finished, make a voice or video call with Amazon Alexa by using your Voice command.
  9. Moreover, whenever you receive any Skype call on Alexa, then you will be able to hear the Skype Ringtone.
  10. After some time, Alexa will now inform you about who called you, to answer that call, you just need to say, ‘Alexa, answer.

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